Friday, 11 February 2011

*Sigh* Delivery idiocy

Okay, I need everyone to give a huge cheer. It's Friday people. At long last.

Just need to get through today and then off for two days. Finish some wedding invites, get some more felties together - ones that aren't Valentines influenced.

So this week all in all, not a bad week. I finished my orders yesterday afternoon, so was happy about that. Ordered my camera the other day, so happy about that. Survived another week at work, if only just, so happy about that too. Over all... you have one happy Kat!

Happy Kat

Not so happy at my idiocy and Royal Mail idiocy.

I ordered my camera after days of deliberating. I got a really good deal on a body, lens kit, memory card and case. Wasn't my first option, but after everything I was bouncing around when I clicked the 'checkout' button. I was so happy with my buy I asked for express 1-2 day delivery. I never do that. I don't see why I should spend yet more of postage and packaging than I have to. But hey... camera... c'mon! I'm allowed right? Well I got up early thinking I heard the door bell go. Sprang out of bed, stood on my hair brush (yes that did hurt), rushed to the front door... and... nothing. No one there. My own bloody imagination. Best thing is I was as red as a cherry even though there was no one there to witness my stupidity. Just checked my email... to realise I sent the camera to my boyfriends parents house. No major issue, I can get it tonight... but how stupid do I feel now?

Then to make it all better, I had a parcel delivered of felt and some other bits when I was out on the 4th. I went to the post office to pick it up yesterday. They couldn't find it. Phoned up today, they still can't find it. I have to go back on Monday and put a claim in. So I now don't have what I need to continue with certain projects. I need to replace the order and start all over again. So not happy with Royal Mail now!

Having just gone to the door they have just made me laugh though. I ordered some sheets of acetate with designs on. The person sent these in an envelope that says "Please do not bend". So guess what? Yep, they bent it. Grrrrrrr....

However, I shall not let this get me down...I will keep my chin up and quietly plan my revenge on both myself and the Royal Mail. And possibly spiders... just because I don't like them! And maybe people that stand in the middle of aisles in supermarkets talking to their next door neighbour, just because that's really annoying!

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  1. Oh dear you are not having a good week my dear. Did laugh at the supermarket aisle as i did just that today with a friend and i could see people getting really ANGRY!!!
    Here's hoping next week will be better.