Monday, 30 January 2012

Chainmaille me more

I cant believe it is nearly the end of January already. It only seems like yesterday I was taking down the decorations and getting upset that I would have to wait a whole year before they could come out again. I know I am not the only one, but I really wish there were more hours in the day. Never enough time! Much speed has this month taken.

Started my new '9-5' job today. Whilst I still despise the fact that I work for 'The Man' I must say this place seems quite nice. Everyone seems friendly enough, and hey, better still, I can't lone work until I finish my probation so I get every Sunday off. Which might not seem much but that means one day in the week I don't have to listen to hubby moaning about my crafty mess! Happy Days :)

I haven't had time to take many snaps over the past week (that might be attributed to the fact I broke a halogen light for my light box and burnt tiny holes all over the carpet. Clever me). However, here are a few snaps of some of my weeks creations. Getting back into the chainmaille in a big way, seems to be the in thing right now too. Due to that I figured I needed to balance things out with some more traditional pieces too ;)

Stainless steel and black rubber jump rings

Silver coated aluminium with painted clay beads

Glass and swarovski crystal mix

Earrings to go with the Necklace above

Glass and Turquoise mixed bracelet on elastic

If, like me, you are interested in what other people have been up to over the past week pop over to 1st unique gifts and join in with the Handmade Monday crowd!

Sunday, 29 January 2012

Winner 4 - January is nearly over!

Wow, how quick has January gone? It's nearly Christmas already ;)

This week is the final week of our blog give away. Which means I can sit back and relax through February :D

Congratulations this week go to...

Nicola Green

Well done you! Email me your address and I will get your card making supplies in the post to you! Since I can't find any pages for you I can't advertise for you. However if you have a link that you would like advertised please leave me the link in the email and I will get that up in my next post for you!

Thanks to everyone that has taken part over the past 4 weeks. Well done to our winners! Now, if only I can get 200 Facebook followers, think that will deserve a little give away too hehehe.

Not after much am I?

Now, to try and finish the gargoyle that is getting on my last nerve right now. DMC thread is not my best friend right now! Bloody stuff keeps knotting. Grrrrrr....

Tuesday, 24 January 2012

I missed the Monday Ho-down

Wow, am I like high or what? I have 70 followers! How happy am I? I'm bouncing in my chair like a kid sucking on original blue smarties. This kicks butt! (Yes, note to readers, I am a childish 29 year old that is easily please and got grumpy when they ditched the blue smarties... just to bring them back... changed. Evil Nestle people!) So HUGE wave to my new followers!!!

Also bouncing because I was offered another job last week which means since I don't start until next Monday I am a lady of leisure this week. Happy happy Kat!!

Even the delay to my train yesterday and being stuck on the London underground didn't bother me. Well missing Handmade Monday bothered me... but hey, I can still post my makes and creations. I have new followers now that I can share it all with :)

First up we have some knitted plushies. Always fun and totally sweet. Stepping up onto the catwalk first are two little owls, dressed ready for the cold snap we may not get.

The lighter one hasn't pictured too well. Not sure Tyra Banks would think he's ready to be Craft Worlds next Knitted Model, but I think they are both super sweet. Plus... 100% child friendly. Look at insight there LOL. These guys will go to the Folksy shop since I think they need new homes. Not only that I can't justify keeping yet more cuddly toys. My hubby will be pushed out the bed with the amount I now own.

Next up we have 'Grey'. He's from the hood. Kicks back wi'd 'is brovers an' is totally not in for d' messin' dho' innit! (Understand that, you're a better person than I am!)

I love this guy. His tail, for saying he is meant to be a squirrel should be a little taller I guess, but the hat is removable so hey, swings and roundabout right? Also gonna try him on Folksy, must get more done for the craft fair in spring though.

Then there were two chicken... whose heads are just weird looking. So not the best make of the week but I felt guilty by leaving them out.

Then finally - cross stitched piccys again. The zombie is going to get its own frame and this one will sit on my stair way.  The cat is going to go on a pet food mat. I will also be doing a black and white one for my other cat.

So that pretty much covers the last weeks creations. Of course with a week off I will be doing more bits and pieces which I hope to share with you all soon enough!

Finally, just a reminder, this is the last week of the blog give away! Click the link below if you want to be in with a chance of winning some Card craft related items. Don't forget, you also get a little extra which is not advertised with the items on the blog! Card Craft Give Away.

Sunday, 22 January 2012

January Give Away - the final week.

Well congrats to Caroline Nash for winning last weeks prize give away.

This week nearly didn't happen after a mix up with an order that was placed just before Christmas last year. However, thanks to a number of contacts, and friends in crafty places, I have managed to get things back on track.

This week we are going to be giving you the chance to win a selection of card crafting items. You will be in with a chance of winning two lots of pre-set pop up cards - hearts and flowers. They are blank and ready for you to put your own style on each card and come complete with envelopes. You will also receive some pre-scored card insets and three packets of embellishments. As with every week previous you will also be getting a little extra that has not been advertised.

 As with every week the rules are simple. To enter all you need to do is:

1. If you don't already, follow the blog :)

2. Leave a comment at the end of this post and you will automatically be entered into the prize draw on Sunday next week. The winner will be picked at random using a generator.

If you would like to be in with the chance of winning a some jewellery please note there is still a week left on our Facebook Give Away. Head over to our page, like our page, find the Give Away album and comment on any or all of the items within the album to be in with a chance of winning those selected items. Each item will have it's own draw. The winners will be announced on January 31st.

Right... now off to get ready for Handmade Mondays post tomorrow... lots of goodies to show you all. Can't wait!

Week Three's Winner...

The individual who came up with is a god send. Firstly the fact the idea of scribbling names on a piece of paper and dropping them into a hat this morning seems like such a mission, and secondly anything that makes life easier is a huge help in my book!

It's that time of the week again, where we find out who is the lucky winner of this weeks Blog Give Away. So with a silent drum roll (I don't really want to be posting random sounds here ;) ) the winner this week is...

Caroline Nash

Well done to Caroline for being the winner! If you could contact me (email) with your details Caroline I will get your goodies in the post for you! 

Huge thanks again to everyone that entered this weeks give away! 

Now, for the final week...

Sunday, 15 January 2012

Week Three of the January Event

First a huge wave out there to my new followers! Nice to see new faces in the crowd so to speak. Also a huge thanks to everyone that has taken part so far with our big Blog Give Away.

Today sees us entering week number three. Only one more to go after this week.

One of the things I love about buying handmade goods is the fact that crafters will use materials that high street stores tend to steer clear of. Not only that, but the way in which materials are used never ceases to amaze me. Felt becomes the new cotton with bags and covers popping up everywhere. Fimo and polymer go from plain blocks to fantastic keyrings, beads and ornaments and card crafters never stop at just cardboard and paper. This week is about praising the crafters cupboard and in some respects filling it. Here is what you could win:

The lucky winner will get: A Quilling craft kit, 5 x plyboard wooden hearts, 5 x red felt hearts, 3 x blocks of fimo (primary colours) and finally a gingerbread man cookie cutter. As with the past two week the winner will also receive a little something extra which we will not be featuring on the blog. It's a surprise.

To enter:

1. If you don't already - follow the blog

2. Leave a comment at the end of this post to be automatically entered into the prize draw.

Winners will be picked at random using a generator. The winner will be announced on Sunday next week. Good Luck to all the entrants! 

Please stop by 1st Unique Gifts to visit Handmade Monday to see what other talented people have been up to.

Week Two's Give Away WInner is...

Once again a huge thanks to those of you who entered last weeks Knitting related give away.

Now with every give away over January the winner will get a little extra to go with the advertised prize. This week, just because I felt like being 'crafty' (and not in the creative sense) I thought I would show you what your extra is rather than the main prize. Every once in a while, mix up is good :) So this weeks lucky winner will be getting a nice parcel headed their way. So whilst you will be giving the bunny a new home and hopefully making use of your needles, you main prize shall remain a mystery until the postman knocks on your door.

So without further ado to announce this weeks winner!

Drum roll please...

The winner is 

Liz Ward

Congratulations Liz! If you could contact me via with your postal details and I can get your prize sent off to you. Please be assured I will check my junk mail just in case this time too (minor mishap with last weeks winner - my apologise again Stef! Thanks for understanding lol)

Sunday, 8 January 2012

Week Two of our January Give Away

Congrats to last weeks winner Stef for winning the Glass Heart Jewellery Set.

This week we are offering you something completely different. As many of you know, and for those of you that don't, I have been having a battle with crochet. Now I have made my mind up that all wool is evil and the hooked needle guys are just designed for torture! However, even with my prejudice I thought this would make a nice little prize for one lucky winner.

First the rules!

1. If you don't already please hit the follow button to follow our Blog!

2. Leave a comment at the end of this post to be automatically entered

That's it! That's all you need to do!

The prize that is up for grabs consists of one set of 4mm knitting needles, one 4mm crochet hook, a pair of 4.5mm circular knitting needles and this cute little rabbit plushie. All you see isn't all you get! The lucky winner will also receive another gift that we haven't featured in this photo. Trust me, all you enthusiasts will LOVE the extra. Surprises are so cool.

Please feel free to join in, and if you know a crafter that loves to work with yarn, but isn't currently a follower, let them know. After all, it's free!

Thank you to everyone for their support so far! Best of luck to all! Winner announced midday next Sunday where our 3rd week Give Away will also start.

P.S. Please don't forget to pop over to our Facebook page for a chance to win some jewellery. Like the page, find the January Give Away Album and comment under anything that takes your fancy. Winners will be picked at random and announced on Jan. 31st.

And the winner is?

I hope you have all had time to recover from Christmas and New Year now. Those of you that have made resolutions, I hope you are still sticking to them!

Thank you to everyone that left lovely comments. They are all greatly appreciated. A reminder - we are also running a give away via our Facebook page. All you need to do is like the page, find the January Give Away photo album and leave a comment under any of the items you like. Each item (as seen in the photo) will have its own prize draw. Winners will be picked at random on January 31st. I will be posting this weeks Blog give away straight after announcing this weeks winner. Please feel free to join in again, and don't forget there are two more Blog give aways to go, taking through to the end of January!

Now... without further ado... It's time announce the winner of our Week One January Give Away.

So... drum roll please...

The winner of the Glass Heart Jewellery set and accessories is...


Congratulations! Drop me a line on with your shipping details and we will get this sent out to you. Don't forget you will be getting a little surprise with your win. 

Monday, 2 January 2012

Sleighbells Silenced!

Most people hate my addiction to Christmas. The fact that I start counting down the days in January is a little sad, but very true. It is also true to state that I have already start shopping for this year. However I have to share with you a pattern that I received in a book for Christmas, and of course had to make up. I think this may get framed and placed somewhere in the house with this years decorations. Since Christmas is truly over...

I had to get the last thing in... sorry ;)

Please don't forget to log into my last post (January Event) if you are interested in our Give Away this week. Just follow the instructions on the post. Or log onto Facebook and follow the instructions to be entered into our give away there! Best of Luck!

Sunday, 1 January 2012

January Event - Week 1

I hope that everyone had a good New Years last night. I know that I did!

As promised, the 1st of Jan. waves hello to our January Event. That is, for those of you that are just checking in, 4 prize give aways. That means 1 a week to see us through to the end of the month, and it will mean that 4 lucky people will have a gift in their laps in the next few weeks.

Here's what we are doing to keep you guys in high spirits over the coming weeks. Every Sunday, starting today, and ending 4 week from now, we will be posting a prize that is up for grabs. Each week will offer something different, something to cover a whole host of skills and tastes.

Week 1: Keeping with what I know best we will be offering a Jewellery set (see below) complete with a little something extra - but it's a secret, only the winner will get to see it!
Week 2: Anyone like to knit or crochet? We have a lovely Knittie to give away and the little critter will come with an extra gift for the lucky winner!
Week 3: Felt is the new cotton it would seem. We will be giving away a couple of items - and again, a little something extra that we won't be telling you about!
Week 4: Pictures, paintings and tapestries... If you can frame it, someone will love it! You get the idea on the last part by now right?

The rules
Simple, if you don't already, hit the follow button. Leave a comment at the end of the post and you will be automatically entered into the draw. The winner will be picked at random. The winner will be contacted with the good news on the Morning of the following Sunday. If you are worried you may not get notification, don't panic - your name will be on the blogs next post and announced on our Facebook page.

Good Luck!

Week 1 - Jewellery and Accessories

Our Giveaway this week consists of a pair of studded glass earrings, matching bracelet (a standard 7" in length plus an extension chain) and a watch keyring. The watch is fully functional and the battery can be replaced when needed. You may recognise the design - it is one of our best sellers, but please note, your keyring - never been done by us before. Ladies you may want to get your guys over here if he keeps forgetting Valentines Day. He has no excuse now ;)

Don't forget, leave a comment then keep your eyes open next Sunday for the winner to be announced. 

Best of luck to all!

P.S. Want a bigger chance of winning something? Nip over to our Facebook Page (, hit the 'Like' button, jump to our January Give Away photo album, leave a comment - prize draw for our Facebook draw will be held and winners announced on the 31st of January.