Sunday, 27 March 2011

Handmade Monday 9

First and foremost you must, must, must go and see Wendy's Handmade Monday - Check out what what makes people have being doing this fine week!!! I love, so should you ;) 

Going back a post or two I featured some picture frames that were being protected by M.I.L.F.'s (just for those of you that never read the post, that isn't rude - Monsters I'd Love to Fluff). I gave two away and created a further two for myself. Just because I can :) But it got me to thinking that actually they are fun, cute and easy to make. So lets expand...

So I am currently in the process of creating a number of little fella's. These each have a name and all look a little different from each other. When I say a little different think of the late eighties, early nineties Troll phenomenon. They all had strange pointy hair, bug like faces that were reasonably cute and came in different sizes. But in all honesty the only difference was the costume (the rabbit was my fav).

So I have started on the keyring size. I am aiming for a total of 6 little critters. So far I have completed 3 very simple designs, but they are cute, even if I do say so myself. My task for Tuesday is to complete a pattern for a free standing larger 8 to 10" version. These will be more detailed and have different names... You get the idea.

So I would like you all to meet (some) of the Gang:

Here's 'Lost' - don't let the cute button eyes device you, he lost that horn in a fight. The dog came of worse and the homework survived to see the teachers desk.

This is 'Shush'. He's the kinda guy the rushes off to hide in the coat pocket - the one with the hole in it, and usually takes the house keys with him. And since his maker ended up sewing his mouth shut (by accident of course) you can get into all kinds of mischief and he'll help out. After all it's not like he's gonna tell anyone!

Finally, this is 'I-c-all' (as in eye see all). She the perfect spying companion. Deception is the name of this ones game. Just because she wears those flowers, doesn't mean she won't grass you up if you've been naughty!

Should get the others finished in the next day or two. And in the process I might get over the concussion that had led me to believe these little guys actually have personalities ;)

Off to blog hop now and see what other talented people have been up to.

Tuesday, 22 March 2011

It's a random rambling: Randomling Week

Weird week... really weird week...

I never like to leave my blog hopping for long, or my posts for that matter, but isn't it a real pain when life interferes. I missed the Handmade Monday this week, I haven't had a chance to catch up on anyone's creations since last Tuesday, and I generally feel quite out of the loop :(

However, at least now I can start doing things around my new routine. It was just a case of getting used to these more or less normal working hours. And if I am being honest, I would only consider something to be normal if I happened to be working for myself and not having to greet 6am like it was the best thing in the world. 6am is one of those times isn't it? It's not like the resentment you feel when having to get up at say 5am, that's just wrong! But it isn't like the slightly less, more acceptable, and half reasonable 7am. Then again, it's no where near a better 8am, where I can rise like a human being - not the daylight living dead.

And remember... the clocks are doing their traditional hour jump this weekend.If we are lucky our 1 hour jump forward my land us into a cool new universe where everything is just so. Or maybe it just heralds summer. Was that a cheer I just heard? Was that the chorus of summer loving people I could hear harmonising in the background? Well if so, would anyone mind if I hibernate for the next 6 months? So much more a winter person myself! Bring back the snowmen - we miss you.

So, in relation to my projects? Er... well there is a table littered with material. Beads rolling under my sofa (literally). Half painted picture frames dotted around my shelves. But do not worry (that's what I'm here for - worrying that is), I have it all under control...ish. I plan on getting my butt into gear tonight and getting some of this stuff finished. I can take photos at the weekend, and get ready for a full week of Handmade Goodies.

And whilst organising my life I am holding in my excitement. Diane at Zukiestyle has finished my All Sorts bag. I'm sooooo happy! She sent me a few photos and I can't wait to get my sticky mitts on such a cool bag. And it's all mine! Will post photos of that too of course.

Okay, so I rambled a bit too much...
...gonna go a make me some stuff (yeah, not decided where to start yet). The world if my oyster. Even though I don't like oysters...

Expect blog visits bodies... I need to get my project fix again! Think that might be why I've had the shakes all week ;)

Tuesday, 15 March 2011

New start, lots to complete...

I started the week with a bump. The last time I saw 6am was when I was getting home from work and going to bed. Getting up at 6am to get ready to go to work was a complete body shock. I'm just worried about information overload. I was having one of those days when I realised I left my house keys at home, and drank so much coffee I ended up with a killer headache. But I survived my first day in my new job.

As a result though I have a dozen unfinished projects, and that's just 100% annoying. I'm really excited at trying my hand at a Steampunk styled picture frame for the boyf. A birthday present if I can find time to finish it off. I did complete my Mothers Day project though. She wanted a bracelet in a lilac hue so I finally sound a way to get rid of some beads I've had knocking around for... well a good year a least. She wanted me to knock up an older 'design' for a friend of hers too. Everytime I try to run away from jewellery, it keeps coming back to bite me in the butt. On the bright side, it does keep my fingers from being idle.

I think my cats, who are both used to me being at home during the day knew something was up at the weekend. One of them, Moomin, decided she wanted to come shopping with me...

 ...The other, Garfield, he just didn't want me to do the ironing.

And somewhere in it all, I thought I would complete doodle number five (five for the blog that is).

So that completes my last couple of days. Back to work tomorrow, day off today. Already? That's what my new boss said ;)

So whilst late, I'm off to Wendy's to complete my weekly blog hop. Never been this late *sigh*. Hey-ho, still a great joy to see what other great people have been crafting.

Friday, 11 March 2011

Monsters vs Owls

So perhaps this week I haven't used my powers for good. I kept finding myself distracted by the pretty pictures on the TV. They moved, had sound, looked good... what can I say? Even the best of us can be drawn to the dark side every once in a while.

I finished pinky the monster off as you know - all for me. Don't know what photo to use yet, but I am sure I will find something fitting. Then finished off two more for a friend. Not sure what photos are going in these either, but hey... why does everything have to have a purpose? Maybe she could just stick them high on a shelf where the monsters can plot in peace.

So I have let the monsters join hands before they leave their sister, home alone - for now anyway.

By the way, just for the record, yes, I have lost the plot.

I then had a bit of a fit last night when I lost my bookmark. I have to say I am the worst person in the world for turning over the corners of a page when I put a book down for the night. Then when I come to re-read it sometime later if I fold over another page, drop the book, and try to find the page... lots of pages with bent corners. So I made myself a promise at the beginning of the year. No more corner bending. In all honesty, I have done well! I've been clean for 4 months. Until last night. And god only knows where my old used up rail ticket is ;) So what took all of 5 minutes to make - got me a new bookmark.

Yeah I know, why didn't I bother just doing that in the first place right? Because I might dye my hair black, but trust me, I have witnesses, I am a natural blonde! ;)

Then just to prove how preoccupied I have been this week...

...drum roll please...

I made a fridge magnet. WOO-HOO! I actually just got really bored and ended up with a circle that had a sticky up bit. So a made another sticky up bit. Then added some randomly cut shapes. Couldn't be bothered to 'polish' it up so it is horrendous in manner of detail - yet the more I look at him, the more he carries a certain charm. It might be the wonky eyes. So may I introduce you to Wouldn't, named in respect to the fact that I wouldn't flog him to a 3 year old. Now resident of the fridge door and protector of all that is wonky.

Well I have done some cool stuff, but I'm waiting for next week for those toxic leaks :)

I would like to quickly finish this post by sending my heart felt sympathy's to those who are currently being affected by the earthquake/tsunami in the Pacific. I hope that this time the world is a little more organised in its line of help.

Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Monster I'd like to Fluff

Monsters I'd like to Fluff - other wise known as M.I.L.F.'s. I was tempted to put that as the posts title, but we all know that there would be some very disappointed individuals out there ;)

A little while ago I made up a novelty keyring that was for all intents and purposes was a Monster, if a rather simple one. I gave it to a friend just because I could. In reference to a creation by 'David and Goliath', he became known as a M.I.L.F (Monster I'd like to Fluff). I was then asked to stick one to a picture frame for someone's son. As a result, I kinda thought I would go with the idea and see where it leads.

I started painting a couple of frames a the beginning of the week. Look at how neat and tidy my work space is ;)

I then spent a couple of hours in front of the tv, cutting out, and stitching together some templates.

And then finally, this afternoon finished one frame enough to glue gun one of the little critters onto the frame itself. Memo to self: glue from glue gun = hot and painful :(

You can't see the colour of the frame too well in these shots, but its a very deep purple. All royal like in colour. I have a couple more to go, and need to get an outliner of some kind before I finish the pink dots frame, but I should have a few to look at by the end of the week.

Thanks for checking in! More M.I.L.F.'s to come :) I'm thinking cutester with teeth, and a one eyed sweetie...

Monday, 7 March 2011

Muffins and flowers

The beginning of a brand new week. One where for the next 7 days I am officially unemployed. After 4 painful years I finally managed to get myself sorted with a new job, working slightly more normal hours and earning more money. So I thought I deserved a week off. Even if it is unpaid.

I have plenty to do though, and even more I want to try to do. I have a couple of projects I need to finish and one I need to start. And two cats that seem to want my undivided attention.

For the most part of last week, whenever I had a free 5 minutes, I was cutting out, and stitching around flower petals or cupcake icing. I thought I would create a range of picture frames, but as usual didn't think how long it would take to make and paint the frame. One of those things I need to look at this week. So all I have is unfinished pieces. That said, I thought I would post a couple of piccys. It will give me the motivation to ensure I have a finished items by the end of the week.

As you can see, the frame is far from finished. I just rested the flower on top and took a quick shot to give a slight idea of the end item. I am going to sand back the frame and add some light green accenting colour. The same idea will go for the muffin (only not with green ;) ).

I have been asked to knock up a bigger version of the bats (featured in Going Batty), so that should be fun. I also need to look at a plush pattern for a Nessy. Looking forward to that challenge. On top of it all I'm hoping the good weather will hold. Want to get out and start looking at photography again. Need to get a good relationship going with my lovely Lumix ;) Poor thing has only seen the light of day once (oops). Though in honesty I can't see myself getting far considering all the other things I need to do this week.

Finally, don't forget that Wendy is once again hosting Handmade Monday. Already had a mooch around the blogs of the talented people listed there. As is becoming the norm, they put me to shame! But it's totally worth a read! 1st Unique Gifts

Tuesday, 1 March 2011

How do you keep yours?

So I have found my motivation. I forgot I put it in a box under the bed at some point a couple of weeks ago. Which would explain why I couldn't find the get up and go to get out of bed last week. Though there was a moment there when I struggled to get out of bed today. But that's okay! I carefully unwrapped the box and there it was, sitting waiting for me to pick it up like a little kitten.

So I have the motivation again.

Now though, I am stuck with the where to start problem. After a good old blog troll yesterday (and today if I'm being honest) I got hit by so many things I wanted to do. Some for myself, some to sell, some just because. And those 'just because' projects are sometimes the most fun. But I haven't got a clue where to start.

Someone once said I should have a 'creativity' line. A piece of string hung somewhere where you will see it daily and somewhere to attach new ideas and inspirations. Only problem with that is it would just add to the general mess of the house. I'm still waiting on the posting of my robotic maid from Japan. As it stands I tend to scribble things down on a pad and hope to god I don't lose it anywhere. Erm, yes I often lose them. I have often thought about scrap booking the ideas I have, but even that seems like too much hard work sometimes. Chances are I would lose that too.

So I am interested in how other crafters keep their ideas noted down. What works and what doesn't. We all know I am not the most organised person in the world, and that will never change. But then as often quoted 'It's not mess, its creativity'. So whilst I head off to start some picture frames, bead some nylon and hunt out my denim stash, I would love to know what keeps your thoughts organised. Or at least what keeps things fresh in your mind.

Helloooooo creative mess...