Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Wedding Fever

My poor adoring public, I am not neglecting you... I simply panic.

I have been carefully crafting away, and thanks to a lack of forward thinking I have yet to understand more is more, not less is more. Nearly everything I've turned my hand to I suddenly realised that I hadn't ordered enough material/beads/flowers... so I have about 20 things left unfinished, and I am currently looking at a wilted credit card and waiting for a hundred packages that are in the post.

I really hate those emails that state 'your item is on its way'. Lovely, but can I have it now please??

And to make matters worse I have the mother, sister and brother-in-law coming up on Thursday night. Not for the Royal Wedding - sorry to disappoint any fanatics out there. No, to sort out my jungle just for my wedding. No that isn't code for anything. Here is my proof...

No... I'm not joking. And the reason I post this? Because in two weeks time I hope to god that this whole back garden is going to be transformed. But not like a Transformer coz that would just be plain weird...

I want you all to witness what will be my biggest crafting project ever. Mainly because I can't tell my arse from my elbow when it comes to being green. I can kill of cacti for crying out loud. I hope this project is not doomed before the start.

On an up note - wanna see the cars I have for my wedding transportation? And the best part? I don't have to pay a penny. Completely free!!!

Soooo can't wait for that little gem.

So my next post will be Monday, where I will be joining in with the Handmade Crew... and hopefully I can post some piccys of a half completed garden.

Watch this space, Wedding Fever is better than Bieber Fever (who honestly scares me. Think it's the hair. Different entity from the rest of his body...).

Sunday, 17 April 2011

Randomling again

I live in the South East of London, where today the sun is out and I am about to contemplate putting out the washing. My boyfriends birthday is today and thus is currently surrounded by gifts. Mainly he is flicking through books and trying to decide which film to put on first.

And outside we have the Marathon runners. Yes, the course runs RIGHT outside my house. As in a handful of steps from the door and you could touch these insane people.

Why insane you ask?

Because who wants to run a race that for all intents and purposes is designed to kill you? Why would you want to run a race where your body essentially eats itself? And it does! Once you hit 'the wall' and come out the other side your body is actually eating its own muscle structure. Now that's my idea of fun... not.

To make it even better as I headed up the road to the cafe, (where I proceeded to consume my weight in calories and talk wedding cakes with the owner), one woman called - 'If you can make it up this hill you can make it to the finish line'. As you can imagine, I'm still smiling now. Because as I currently look out of my living room window I see those stragglers who are currently too tired to make it much further.

However, the roads are closed, I can't get into work, and this does mean that once I've hung out my washing, I can go into craft mode, whilst watching some appalling film I bought my other half for his birthday ;)

And I get to shop on ebay for as much wedding stuff as I can... I love spending money! It makes me feel warm and fuzzy inside!

What do we think of this as a Gothic Wedding cake idea?

Mmmmmmmm Cake...

Friday, 15 April 2011

I've gone completely Bertie... Bassett's that is.

Going back a couple of weeks ago, on what can only be described as the growing craze of Handmade Monday, one individual decided to post about a selection of bags she had created. So of course I had to have one of my own didn't I? After all - Liquorice Allsorts - Hello?!?

I have to state I can't, in a thousand years, stand the taste of the vile sweet, yet there is something very childish in their design. So much so that when I saw this item I thought I had to own a bag in that material.  

And so the lovely Diane Harrod went to work on my request. There was a little bit of trouble on my end when it came to the posting. I missed the delivery, the post man was just plain wrong and then unfortunately Diane had to resend the item. But I couldn't have asked for a better service. And a good service it was too!

More than anything I couldn't have asked for a better bag! Please excuse the pictures, they do it no justice. Fading light and a phone ain't much, but I really wanted to share this with someone. It totally kicks ass and then some!

I love my bag!!!

I have a Bassestt's bag! WOOHOO.

ZukieStyle offers a wide range of unique designs, bespoke designs, day and evening bags as well as special day items for the likes of Weddings/Christening. A must see check out would be her new Tote Style bags! Loving the Strawberry bag myself. This is a woman with an amazing talent, and a great eye for detail. The stitching is perfect, the zip (which I was warned may be a little stiff) runs without any issues at all and the handle is carefully crafted and attached with D rings. One piece of work that should belong in any shop without consequence. But it's mine, ALL MINE! She has produced a bag that fits all my requirements and stands out from the crowd too. I was recently told that is truly is one of a kind, so as you can imagine, really chuffed about that!

If not for yourself, I would recommend ZukieStyle to anyone looking for a bespoke gift for a friend or family member! And the customer service get a 10 out of 10 from me.

Well done Diane, you made me one happy Kat.

Monday, 11 April 2011

Handmade Monday 11

So I missed last weeks Handmade Monday, but managed to complete some work ready for this week.If you are one of those with itchy crafty fingers head over to Wendy's Blog - 1st unique gifts - and share with the rest of us what you have been up to recently.

Its been a rather stressful week. Not that my other half would think so. I have started to have some serious thinking with regards to our Wedding and how I want to decorate. We've changed our plans so many times and for so many reasons, that I am beginning to wonder if it's even worth it. That said, today we went to the Registry Office to give our notification and the date is booked - the day before we fly out for our honeymoon. Ever had that feeling that something is going to go wrong with those plans? That will be me until August now. Although I did laugh when I was asked the question "Are you related to each other in any way..." I bloody hope not!!! ;)

But on a brighter note, I saw these items in a garden centre going back towards last Christmas. I wasn't sure why I bought them, but the decision has been made that they will be decorated and incorporated into the general d├ęcor for the Wedding. I spent a couple of hours on ebay spending money on silk flowers, ivy, black and red butterflies, ribbon, organza... These may not look like much now, but just you wait until I've done with them. Even I have a girly side ;)

But only a little girly side...

Just to prove that point, I finally finished my 6 designs. Only took me two weeks longer than predicted *sigh*.

Now you may only get this if you've seen Disney's Bambi, and even then the joke is rather loose since my little monster is not black and white, but rather purple. However, "That's not a flower, that's a skunk" kept springing to mind when I looked at her so hey ho. 

This is Skunk - a lover of all things natural (-ly plastic and shiny). A hoarder of all that lies on the floor...

And this guy was created when it was a very clear night outside - he ended up with stars in his eyes. A seeker of fame and fortune. A 'blinding' star on the raise - Terry.

(Yeah... I meant as in Chocolate Orange too...)

So here's the gang:

Wednesday, 6 April 2011

And now - time for the spring clean!

*Hugs her neglected blog* Oh I have missed you this last week!

Whilst I will safely and certainly maintain that I love my new job, I find that the hours I work are making life hard when it comes to making good with the house work. Thus the severe lack of posting, reading and general hopping. You would not be wrong in thinking that yes I am having withdrawal symptoms, however, I can only live with so much dust and dirt. When random ornaments start moving along the shelf, carried by the creepy crawlies hidden with the disgusting particles, you know you have to do something about the state of your house!

With all that said, in all honesty, I haven't finished yet, but I just need to get away from the cosmetic stench of bleach and disinfectant. So hello world!

I have managed to squeeze in a little crafting, but all in the name of a commission here and a mothers day gift there. Photos aren't great, but there is a very valid reason for this. Yes it was raining so natural light was limited... However I was getting distracted by the pretty moving pictures on the tv. Hellooooo Mr Depp ;)

So here's 'Munch' - you've met his friends right? Sure you have, in the last post. Oh sorry, did I say friends? I meant 'snacks' ;)

Here is commission number one: as we can all tell a quick snap shot didn't do these much good, but I think I may remake and sell a few of these. And then get them stand set before another snappy.

As you can tell, my endeavours to creep away from jewellery is currently failing. However, as I run out of beads, I will not be restocking (unless the price or person is right ;) - who am I trying to kid?). This was all for a young mother who I used to work with. She didn't have a clue what to get her daughter, so simply gave me photos of jewellery she normally wears, and a couple of dresses/tops that she wanted matching colour too. Not my thing, but her daughter was over the moon. And this is what we live for - customer service right? Well that and Ben and Jerry's ice cream. 

Now, the plan is, if I just about get the bedroom into some semblance of order I should be able to start sewing by this evening...

Do you like the optimism? I thought is was good :)

...Hellooooo ice cream...