Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Wedding Fever

My poor adoring public, I am not neglecting you... I simply panic.

I have been carefully crafting away, and thanks to a lack of forward thinking I have yet to understand more is more, not less is more. Nearly everything I've turned my hand to I suddenly realised that I hadn't ordered enough material/beads/flowers... so I have about 20 things left unfinished, and I am currently looking at a wilted credit card and waiting for a hundred packages that are in the post.

I really hate those emails that state 'your item is on its way'. Lovely, but can I have it now please??

And to make matters worse I have the mother, sister and brother-in-law coming up on Thursday night. Not for the Royal Wedding - sorry to disappoint any fanatics out there. No, to sort out my jungle just for my wedding. No that isn't code for anything. Here is my proof...

No... I'm not joking. And the reason I post this? Because in two weeks time I hope to god that this whole back garden is going to be transformed. But not like a Transformer coz that would just be plain weird...

I want you all to witness what will be my biggest crafting project ever. Mainly because I can't tell my arse from my elbow when it comes to being green. I can kill of cacti for crying out loud. I hope this project is not doomed before the start.

On an up note - wanna see the cars I have for my wedding transportation? And the best part? I don't have to pay a penny. Completely free!!!

Soooo can't wait for that little gem.

So my next post will be Monday, where I will be joining in with the Handmade Crew... and hopefully I can post some piccys of a half completed garden.

Watch this space, Wedding Fever is better than Bieber Fever (who honestly scares me. Think it's the hair. Different entity from the rest of his body...).

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  1. Gosh that garden is going to be some undertaking. Can't wait to see the transformation. Those cars are fab too especially if your dress is in the same era.