Monday, 11 April 2011

Handmade Monday 11

So I missed last weeks Handmade Monday, but managed to complete some work ready for this week.If you are one of those with itchy crafty fingers head over to Wendy's Blog - 1st unique gifts - and share with the rest of us what you have been up to recently.

Its been a rather stressful week. Not that my other half would think so. I have started to have some serious thinking with regards to our Wedding and how I want to decorate. We've changed our plans so many times and for so many reasons, that I am beginning to wonder if it's even worth it. That said, today we went to the Registry Office to give our notification and the date is booked - the day before we fly out for our honeymoon. Ever had that feeling that something is going to go wrong with those plans? That will be me until August now. Although I did laugh when I was asked the question "Are you related to each other in any way..." I bloody hope not!!! ;)

But on a brighter note, I saw these items in a garden centre going back towards last Christmas. I wasn't sure why I bought them, but the decision has been made that they will be decorated and incorporated into the general d├ęcor for the Wedding. I spent a couple of hours on ebay spending money on silk flowers, ivy, black and red butterflies, ribbon, organza... These may not look like much now, but just you wait until I've done with them. Even I have a girly side ;)

But only a little girly side...

Just to prove that point, I finally finished my 6 designs. Only took me two weeks longer than predicted *sigh*.

Now you may only get this if you've seen Disney's Bambi, and even then the joke is rather loose since my little monster is not black and white, but rather purple. However, "That's not a flower, that's a skunk" kept springing to mind when I looked at her so hey ho. 

This is Skunk - a lover of all things natural (-ly plastic and shiny). A hoarder of all that lies on the floor...

And this guy was created when it was a very clear night outside - he ended up with stars in his eyes. A seeker of fame and fortune. A 'blinding' star on the raise - Terry.

(Yeah... I meant as in Chocolate Orange too...)

So here's the gang:


  1. The female cyclops is my favourite!

  2. We felt the same with the lead up to our wedding last year - went bust and I couldnt get chocolate stars anywhere! We wanted to run off to vegas! But it was all worth it in the end - I'm sure yours will be too xx On a crafty note - lovin the gang! Anna x

  3. Love them, so cute! Good luck with the wedding plans - and don't forget to enjoy!

    Thanks for taking part in HM x

  4. I think I could be in love with them! Those are pretty adorable! As for the wedding, my husband and I didn't have one, we just got married in front of a judge. Sometimes I think...oh I should have waited for the whole big wedding thing, but then I hear all the stories of the stress and I seems to have *taken* anyway. ;) Blessings on your union! I hope it lasts as long as ours has (35 years this Sept!)

  5. Really looking forward to seeing what the items in your first photo turn in to! Love to see transformations. Wedding planning is a nightmare i dont envy you. Having said that i only managed marriage for 2 years!!!!

  6. Adorable creations. love them all!
    Hugs Sue x

  7. All weddings are stressful but I am sure it will be alright on the day. Loving your little critter creations.

  8. Your 'ickle critters are brilliant, I want to be in a gang like that. x

    Jan x

  9. Thanks everyone. A pleasure to make something simple and cute.

    And I'll post the re-decorated items soon enough! Looking forward to that project.

  10. aww I love your little creatures, they are so cute that I want them all!


  11. Love the critters, also the earrings. Good luck
    with the wedding. Try to stay calm and enjoy.