Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Going Batty

Okay, so I made up some cute felt bats over the weekend. No reason behind it other than a simple, I could. I showed off some photos, got some lovely feedback and was even asked for a quick tute. So why not?

This project is so simple, you can do it whilst watching you favourite television show, and should take no more than 20 odd minutes.

To begin with you will need:

1. A template cut out using tracing paper, carbon paper or like I did a bit of old card. Design - Bat.
2. A piece of black felt (9"x9" will be more than enough for a small project)
3. A scrap of coloured felt (I used red)
4. Black embroidery thread separated into three stand thickness's.
5. Toy stuffing (or scraps of material)
6. Fabric glue
7. Needle, pins and pencil.

Step one:
Design and cut out your bat silhouette from your choice of paper or card. Placing the cut out design onto the felt and carefully cut out two silhouettes.
Using your coloured fabric carefully cut out two large circles. Using what is left from your black felt, cut out two smaller circles. Put these together and lay to one side for now. These will create your eyes.
 Step two:
Thread your needle with three stands of the black embroidery thread. Place the two silhouettes together and pin each wing and body to prevent the felt from moving. Starting at the join between the body and the right wing carefully sewing around the edges of your bat. This stitching it not decorative so does not have to be perfect. Continue to sew around the edge until you get to the join between the left wing and the body, leaving him open at the base.

Step three:
Take up the two sets of circles you placed to one side. Using fabric glue stick the smaller black circle to the larger coloured fabric circle. Once dry place on to the bat and position as desired. Once happy with the positioning use the fabric glue to stick the eyes in place. Leave to dry.

Step four:
Using the toy stuffing (or scraps of material if you prefer) start to gently stuff your bat. This is where a pencil will come in handy (though anything long and slim will do the trick). Starting at the wings use small amounts of stuffing to fill out enough of the bat so it firm, but not putting strain on your stitching. Push up to the tips of the wings, and fill the body last.

Step five:
Once your happy you little guy is full, using the same thread as before, stitch around the edge of his body. you may find as you get close to finishing more stuffing is needed for the body area. Now is this time to sort out his hunger issues :)
Happy? Tie off the thread and admire your work!

Play around with the eyes. If you want you could use googly eyes or perhaps old buttons you have lying around. To hang them up just take a piece of nylon thread and sew a loop between the ears. Or just leave as a cute plush and place in a well loved home.

Hope you enjoy making these as much as I did!


  1. I love the one at the bottom, he looks so mischievious!

  2. Gorgeous bats! I think i may have to give these a go for halloween! ^-^

  3. I love these!!!!!!!!!!! They're great!