Monday, 31 January 2011

Trinket boxes a painting

Well whilst I wait for the sun to come out I thought it was about time I went about painting a trinket box I had knocking around. With a bit of luck it will come out good enough to sell. I'm going for a fusion of pinks and soft purples, blending the edges and doing some pattern work. Felt up the inside and maybe put a small decoration within the inside of the lid. Gotta get some more sandpaper, but hey, I'm back to work in a couple of hours and when you work in a diy store things like that just tend to leap into your hands and lead you to the till.

Been mooching around other people blogs today too. Keeping up on other peoples achievements. Love some of the things I've seen. Some real talent out there. Hosted by 1st Unique Gifts 'Handmade Monday' has kicked off. Really good idea. Love the effort and that people put into the creations and a great way to see more. Think that idea is a keeper ;) Here's the link:

Which means the week may be looking up...

Back in the swing

Back from the Midlands and back to work. I can just about reach out and touch the excitement in the room.

And it's cloudy! Which means no photos today. Great start to the week! *sigh*

I feel like I wasted my time last week. OK, so I sent off my tax return, managed to pick up some items for the wedding, and basically stared aimlessly into space. When I am not in my own home I find it so hard to do anything creative. Trust me when I say that my working space is generally my lounge and everything is pretty much a mess, but at least it's my mess. I have everything I could want at hand. So when I uproot I never feel quite... right?

But with negativity aside it would seem those little felties are a hit. Plenty of people asking for one. Which means as soon as the clouds clear I'll have to start snapping away and get those bad boys up to MISI. And I strung together a simple bracelet and necklace set. Inspired by a custom design for a family friend, I wanted to tone down the size and keep it simple. So here is a snap I took first thing this morning (see what I mean... what natural light? Grrrr, lol - but you get the idea).

Created using sterling silver findings, quartz, siam swarovski crystals and Tibetan silver spacers.

I hope everyone else has a better start to the week. Keep crafting guys, I want to see some kick ass stuff out there this week! Get me all inspired again.

Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Time to take stock

I will be up-rooting myself today and taking a 3 day trip to Derby. On the whole I don't mind. It's my mothers birthday so it's a good cause. On the other side of the coin though I am a little disheartened when I promised myself I would spend time getting the photos on my misi shop sorted out (most are far too dull and uninspiring). I wanted to paint out my logo design, and yes, I finally decided on one. And most importantly, after filing my tax return (which they don't write in English), I wanted to stock take all the masses of mess I have acquired throughout the year. So many ideas of where I want to go and what I want to create... But no clue as to whether or not I have the supplies (grrrrr...).

But onwards and upwards. I can spend my days sifting through garden centres for inspiration. Making a mess as I cut out felt templates on the train or cutting head pins to the right size. Getting to see my Ram-Ram again. And possibly go to Hobby Craft - the store you go into with the intention of buying one or two bits, then come out £80 down. But the one thing above all else  - I must complete a custom piece for someone.

And hopefully get a good nights sleep... (not holding my breath!)

My cat Ramoth (Ram-Ram) who currently resides with my mum.

Monday, 24 January 2011

New range of gifts

I have spent most of my time after the Christmas rush playing around with bits of felt. Don't ask me why, I really couldn't tell you. On top of that I have been trying to come up with something a little different. A new way to sell products that is both fun and not commonly seen.

Around the time I was 'Going Batty' I started to wonder if there was something I was missing out on. Then it hit me. I often send my jewellery out to customers in the pre-made organza bags. Cheap and effective. Handmade gift boxes can sometimes get squished in the post, and no one likes to open a flattened box, no matter how pretty. So I started playing around with these 'Felties' as they have become know. I decided they would make a cute alternative to gift boxes and message carriers, (Flowers are so last year ;) )

Here are two of the designs (the writing will be removed for sale as even as a prototype I wasn't happy with it). No idea why rabbits first, but better than chickens or eggs. I am currently engaged in designing a cat and a mini monster version. I will also be creating a non-gift-box range, just in case someone thought 'Cute but no jewels, thanks'.


Without compartments

An envelope for gifts or messages

Thursday, 20 January 2011

Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Hand-fast and Wedding

I finally got around to sitting down and starting my wedding invites. Whilst I only have one (half completed - as the insides have yet to be sorted) I thought I would share the design with you. This is just one of three designs that will be sent out. I can't say it's the best thing I have ever created... but considering I have never done Hand-fasting invites before I don't think it is all that bad. And as you might be able to guess, there is a Gothic theme to this wedding. Now only another 30 odd to go and two more designs to put together.

Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Frogs in pink

A frogs perspective on life is simple: times fun when you're having flies.

Yeah I am not overly sure where that came from either... But I had fun making this project.
This came from a some crackle pink and clear glass beads, silver plated spacers and chain and a spare hour or two one day. I am not a big lover of pink. Too girly girl, but I think this carries a certain charm.
And no flies ;)

Just the bracelet.

The necklace and bracelet set.

Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Going Batty

Okay, so I made up some cute felt bats over the weekend. No reason behind it other than a simple, I could. I showed off some photos, got some lovely feedback and was even asked for a quick tute. So why not?

This project is so simple, you can do it whilst watching you favourite television show, and should take no more than 20 odd minutes.

To begin with you will need:

1. A template cut out using tracing paper, carbon paper or like I did a bit of old card. Design - Bat.
2. A piece of black felt (9"x9" will be more than enough for a small project)
3. A scrap of coloured felt (I used red)
4. Black embroidery thread separated into three stand thickness's.
5. Toy stuffing (or scraps of material)
6. Fabric glue
7. Needle, pins and pencil.

Step one:
Design and cut out your bat silhouette from your choice of paper or card. Placing the cut out design onto the felt and carefully cut out two silhouettes.
Using your coloured fabric carefully cut out two large circles. Using what is left from your black felt, cut out two smaller circles. Put these together and lay to one side for now. These will create your eyes.
 Step two:
Thread your needle with three stands of the black embroidery thread. Place the two silhouettes together and pin each wing and body to prevent the felt from moving. Starting at the join between the body and the right wing carefully sewing around the edges of your bat. This stitching it not decorative so does not have to be perfect. Continue to sew around the edge until you get to the join between the left wing and the body, leaving him open at the base.

Step three:
Take up the two sets of circles you placed to one side. Using fabric glue stick the smaller black circle to the larger coloured fabric circle. Once dry place on to the bat and position as desired. Once happy with the positioning use the fabric glue to stick the eyes in place. Leave to dry.

Step four:
Using the toy stuffing (or scraps of material if you prefer) start to gently stuff your bat. This is where a pencil will come in handy (though anything long and slim will do the trick). Starting at the wings use small amounts of stuffing to fill out enough of the bat so it firm, but not putting strain on your stitching. Push up to the tips of the wings, and fill the body last.

Step five:
Once your happy you little guy is full, using the same thread as before, stitch around the edge of his body. you may find as you get close to finishing more stuffing is needed for the body area. Now is this time to sort out his hunger issues :)
Happy? Tie off the thread and admire your work!

Play around with the eyes. If you want you could use googly eyes or perhaps old buttons you have lying around. To hang them up just take a piece of nylon thread and sew a loop between the ears. Or just leave as a cute plush and place in a well loved home.

Hope you enjoy making these as much as I did!

Monday, 10 January 2011

Decorate with Charms

A friend of mine recently asked me to create a charm bracelet. Something simple, on a bulky linked chain with clear beads and silver heart charms.

Since then I have created a number of pieces. All I have kept plain and simple, not wanting to take away from the outfit that each could be worn with.

They are easy to create as the charm bracelet is pre-made and can be found in most well stocked beading stores and jewellery suppliers. When working with different sized beads it is always wise to try and balance out the sizes, bearing in mind the clasp should sit at the back of the wrist. Heavy items such as charms can help to weigh the chain down across the top of the hand and this helps to ensure the clasp remains to the back of the wrist.