Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Naughty blogger

Yes I have been a Naughty Blogger...

...I have let faffing get in the way of posting. Bad me. Bad, bad me!

Which isn't to state that I haven't been busy. I have been sewing away on more mini monsters, getting creative with buckets and bunnies and trying to get my photos in order. Am I the only person who seems to end up with a thousand pics on the PC that you know you will never use... yet you never get round to deleting. Instead you just add more. Never good... but it's all I seem to do. Take the photo, and another and another... might use that one... can't be bothered to delete the rest.

Needless to state I was starting to delete photos when I got sidetracked by blogging :)

I also got started on some Limoncello... random but true! Wondering if it works with oranges too because that could mean summer drinks sorted :D

So here is a few piccys of the bits I've been working on. Nothing overly exciting I am afraid but fun nonetheless.

 These are my Bunnies in Buckets. Not great photos thanks the the cellophane! But you get the idea. It's a bunny in a bucket with mini Easter eggs, a phone charm and a random bit of jewellery - in this case a heart pendant. These are coming with me to the fair in a couple of weeks time. I'm doing Mini Monster Buckets too... though the name isn't as catchy. Great little add on sale kinda thing.

Another sweetie charm bracelet... just because I think they look fun! Super sweet for summer hehehe.

Keeping to the Easter theme with these Hot Cross Bun earrings...

Then a little away from Easter with the carrots. However the Easter Bunny may need carrots...

And as soon as I can get myself organised and start deleting photos I don't need, I can post more. However the kettle has just called... and I think I can hear the hoover too for that matter...

Monday, 12 March 2012

Finally finished the Hoop

So recently I have decided that along with a few thousand other people that cross stitch, embroidery and felting looks just as good in a hoop as it does in a frame. I have spent so long recently trying to get things ready for the fair at the end of the month that it has taken me a ridiculous amount of time to complete this hoop. Shame on me as it has less than 8 colours in the legend. However, after what seems like forever, I finally finished my first Gargoyle. I got the pattern off a shop on Etsy. There are some fantastic designs on there. Might not be free but they are pleasure to stitch up!

My concern is the next one I have on the list is a HUGE Alice in Wonderland Hoop... little worried that that could take a VERY long time.

Anyways, it's Handmade Monday today which means I get to go and spend some much need rest and relaxation reading other peoples blogs. If you don't already follow the trend, you need to! Go and see what other people have been doing and offer your own work for the world to see.

Monday, 5 March 2012

Waiting on the postman

I have been a little lazy when it comes to keeping up with my blog this last couple of weeks. Its seems reality came and gave me a smack across the back of the legs. We recently decided it was time we started to look for a new house to rent and as a result between getting home late and then dealing with the calls from eager estate agents I have found myself getting very tired and ratty. Ratty mainly because the estate agents don't seem listen to the customers needs and just try to fob you off with a flat that doesn't match your requirements. Never mind though, it will all come good in the end.

Thankfully though the hard work that has gone into the likes of Facebook and soon Pinterest I have seen a stead rise in orders both online and locally. Can't grumble there. I am looking forward to starting my Pinterest wall. I have to admit it may take me a while to figure out the best way to use it (just like the fb thing took a few days) but judging by what I have seen of others it looks to be a great platform to showcase goods from other crafters and myself alike (with appropriate links of course!!)

The past couple of weeks have seen a trend in my creative pattern - keyrings. Lots of them too. A little jewellery thrown on for luck. However things are starting to grind to a halt... just because the postman keeps dropping by when I am not in which means having my parcels redelivered and everything I need is currently sitting in bag/van. Fun Times! I think they should invent a way of having your parcels float to you the moment you click the buy button on the internet. Problem solved :) If I start a campaign do you think it will take?

My personal fave: Malteaster
The best biscuit in the world

I think I should use one of these on my allsorts bag. Or is that overkill?

Only a few photos... otherwise I would have a post the length of my arm :)

Since I have a couple of hours to kill before running off to the hairdresser, followed by more house hunting I am going to go and read up on the lovely blogs already posted up at 1st Unique Gifts for Handmade Monday.