Saturday, 31 December 2011

A prosperous New Year to all!

Firstly I would like to thank all our readers for their support over the past year. Secondly, a prosperous New Year to each and every one of you.

I am sure that by now we are all sick of the sight of mince pies, chocolate and turkey. If you aren't you are made of stronger stuff than I am! It has been a shame since I have been working through the daily rat race over Christmas, but it was fun nonetheless. I must state, however, that I am glad the end if nigh. If only so I can take down my decorations and start getting back to some sort of half tidy, half acceptable state, where the cats won't climb the tree and the chocolates that are currently scattered across my coffee table can slowly dwindle down.

The sad thing about it all though is we now start on the New Years Resolutions that we just won't stick to. For many of us it will sound something like 'diet', 'quit smoking', 'not drink so much', 'visit the in laws more often' (well maybe no the last one. Let's not push it). So I have sworn that I will not make any resolutions! A smart move on my part. Also, for many of you it means getting back into the crafty suit so that you can get ready for up and coming events. Whilst my partner in crime and I will also be affected by that pull this year, I am hoping (if vainly) that I will be organised enough that I won't need to panic nearer the time (who am I kidding?). I have already been busy cross stitching my way to March. Now if I can just produce enough for a market stall I will be half way there. Only time will tell... (wonder if I can beat the clock into letting out some secrets of the future?)

This evening will be the last big evening for the With U in Mind posse. A birthday and New Year celebration in one. Tomorrow morning will bring a hangover from hell and the need to produce patterns, designs and other wondrous weird items ready for a New Year push. It will also be the start of our Facebook give away, and the beginning of our Blog January Event. We hope you will join in and pass the word around to your friends. In the meantime I think I can see a morning of slobbing out and watching a little Disney or Superhero media.

Until tomorrow...

...Happy New Year to one and all!!!

Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Getting ready for a Give Away - The January Event

Whilst most of our Christmas orders are now completed I have time on my hands to wonder about the months to come. Whilst this blog has been going since the start of this year the online presence of the company has been minimal at best. As most of you know I have done fits and starts of activity, which, for one reason or another tend to drizzle of into some unknown place.

Talking to my partner in crime with regards to the new year and our business plans, it has come time to give our online presence a boost.

As a result we have decided to run a double give away. Well... actually... I guess you could times that by 6 just to make 7. We will part ways for Christmas to create ready for the New Years Give Away Extravaganza. A mouthful I know!

In order to boost out blog following, our Facebook fan following, and our online custom we have decided to hold not one, not two, not three, not four but FIVE New Year Give Aways. Yes you did read that right.

We will launch one Give Away a week via the blog - the rules of which shall be posted on Jan 1st. That makes four lovely gifts to give away to four lucky readers. Gifts will change from week to week, offering a full range of talent and plenty of lovely gift potential.

Simultaneously we will be running a Give Away via our Facebook (I have been passing the word amongst the Uni bodies and work bods, and now you...). This will run from the 1st of January all the way to end of the month, 3 winners being announced on the 31st. The rules will be posted via the blog and via our Facebook page on the 1st of January.

So a grand total of 7 prizes to give away.

So whilst you put your feet up and read this blog (hopefully with a cuppa and a slice of cake), think of us as we get ready for our big January Event. Really looking forward to it myself! And I can't even enter... shame!

Monday, 12 December 2011

Santa's Coming... soon...

Another busy week this week. Finishing off the ends of some custom orders took a little longer than I thought, but it was worth the time. I literally just had some good feedback on one of the pieces so I am hoping the only way is up. I've also been doing some research at local markets - getting ready for the new year, and hopefully to become a regular at some local events. It may be a very hard time out there, but I have a some faith left that the unusual will always bring interest. All in all, a productive, if slightly tiring week.

Here are some quick snaps of some of the pieces I have been working on. Just hope the recipients will like them.

 My Partner in Crime has been working on her sewing and painting skills over the past couple of weeks. Whilst I am still yet to get a snap of any of these items I can assure you it won't be long. I'm proud of her for jumping in at the deep end. New skills can sometimes be daunting.

Before I go off to wrap some prezzies I'm gonna head off to Handmade Monday to see the makes of the week from other talented people.

However, before I sign off... don't forget... SANTA IS HEADED THIS WAY!!!! WOO-HOO

Thursday, 8 December 2011

The Rush

Every year I make sure that by this date I have my tree up, the house decorations up, the calendar well on its well on its way to being emptied of chocolate, the cats are getting shouted at for trying to climb the tree, the presents are wrapped. The food shopping is under way, the movie for the 5am wake up call on the big day has been chosen and I am carefully counting the wine bottles under the stair to ensure none go missing.

This year, I get what people mean by 'the rush'.

I haven't done half of what I should have done. In fact, the only things that been completed...nothing. Nadda. Nought.

I have everything half finished. However I am not complaining. In fact, I am a very happy bunny. I have received so many last minute orders for handmade Christmas gifts that I am struggling to keep up. Between a full time job with awful working hours (well the travel is the awful bit), doing the shopping, gift wrapping and just general life I feel fully rushed of my feet.

I love it!

As a result of my lack of schedule I missed out on Handmade Monday which I was a little gutted about I have to admit. However I have found time to join Crafty-Bitz, which I just love! The idea behind it all is amazing. A free showcase of such great talent. Trust me to be a bit slow on the up take. I blame my lack of organisational skills ;) If you haven't already, I would ask you to at least check it out. A lovely forum indeed!

I have been making up personalised gift boxes for jewellery sets - Pick'n'Mix bags, and Scrabble boxes (I will post pics at the weekend). I have been baking fimo like it is going out of fashion (well in fairness is did kind of in the late 90's). Waiting on orders and putting together earring and bracelets sets for custom orders. So I have been a happy crafty bunny!

Whilst I don't have photos of the customs just yet, I did want to show you these. Some knitted decorations (which I was going to put on folksy... but somehow they found their wait to my tree... strange that...). Also, attempt number two at Chainmaille. Really getting into that jump ring set up gig. It looks so complex, but I am surprised at how easy it really is - but in all fairness I have only tried out some of the easier designs so watch this space.