Monday, 12 November 2012

Handmade Monday 92

Wow, it's been so long since I have had time to partake in the event of Handmade Monday. I've forced myself to sit down at the computer for a little while so I can take a trip around some of the blogs of other talented people. I have that slightly guilty feeling as I am behind in more of less every project I've got going. Amazing how having a family member come to stay can mess things up so royally.

But I digress.

It's been an interesting few weeks. Hit and Miss may be the best way to put it. On the one hand I have been busy creating items for orders that came through on the back of the Craft Party I recently had the pleasure of joining in. My online sales took a dive as I was without internet for 4 weeks and couldn't update anything and it's been a struggle to get things going again. Then we have the rush to get more stock ready for the Craft Fair that's coming up on the 2nd of December. As usual, thanks to life, I am running a little behind on that too.

All that said I have not been too idle. If you saw some of last weeks posts you will have seen my decorative hearts and stars. Well the crafting continued with another Owl being added to the family:

This is Mr Mottles - actively seeking a new home if your interested ;)

I continued on with some more hearts. These are much smaller than their predecessors' and much more 'Tree' friendly.

Then we have the slightly larger than the originals. Yet more hearts and much more stand alone decoration types.

I was happy to see the Patchwork heart left my store the moment I listed it. Always good when you know you've created a hit.

So that has been my week. Full of thread and stitches. I will take the time out to have a mooch around some of the lovely blogs that will have enlisted in Handmade Monday. If I don't get round to your right away I will be doing visits through out the week so I will be round!


  1. Your owl is adorable I love him. And the thin pointy hearts are lovely too - such a gorgeous shape.

  2. your hearts are so gorgeous! i can see them being really popular, they are such lovely decorations.. i have to agree that the patchwork one is particularly special!

    your little owl is adorable too, he looks super cuddly :) x

  3. Aww Mr Mottie is so cute and love the hearts, the one with the holly added is perfect

  4. I love the way your hearts are all unique, I am not surprised that they are popular. Your owl is full of character and I am sure will find a new home soon. How was he made?

    1. Body and head are knitted in one piece. Wings, eyes and feet are then attached. All wool and stuffing :) little ear tufts are added once he's sitting pretty so to speak.

  5. The mini pink and green heart is my favourite and Mr Mottles looks very cuddly :)

  6. Such a cute owl! And all the hearts are adorable.

  7. Your hearts are gorgeous! I love the different colours you have made them in. Mr. Mottles looks like he needs a cuddle!

  8. The owl is absolutely gorgeous. The hearts are lovely, and the patchwork one is great.
    Ali x