Thursday, 8 November 2012

Okay so I can see that the title of this post didn't really have the pop factor I would have liked, however the little asterix will have to do for the star part.

So what has been going on in the world of With U in Mind? Well of course by now you will have all seen the lovely entries of the craft swappers in their Halloween themed success. Was a little miffed that I couldn't join in the fun, however what with the house move if wouldn't have been fair. I know I would have been late. Nothing worse that being the person organising something then being the only one late in sending out your goodies. However, the more I think about it, I think the next one with be an Easter with a twist swap. Watch this space if your interested. Well not this exact space since once this post is posted... it's ain't changing.

I finally have internet connection. Now to give it it's due if anyone out there is a virtual addict like I, get yourself a Samsung Galaxy Note. I would have been lost without it. Managed to do most things during my 4 week drought. It wasn't easy, however, I am proud to sit here and say Samsung rule!

But this is a blog about crafting and fun things, not random electrical items than help addicts get their internet fix ;)

I have been beavering away on decorations and other goodies ready for the end of month craft fair. This will be the first Christmas craft fair I have ever had the pleasure of taking part in. Mainly because when you work in retail the rota is written out by Mr Humbug and his evil minions. This year I managed to book a date so I'm pretty excited. I know I will spend more than I make - which for those of you who are looking to start your own business is a no no. My excuse is that I will be spending my pocket money :D

Want to see some of the goodies I've been creating?

This isn't it by the way. This is just a taster. Funny image of me turning up with 4 stuffed hearts and nothing else. Would be a short and embarrassing fair me thinks. No I will post some other goodies shortly. However I am a woman with a mission. I have until Monday when I am off until to complete the following list:

1. Completed a blog post on my most AWESOME birthday present!
2. Completed a selection of other blog posts.
3. Updated by Folksy/Etsy/Facebook pages.
4. Spent birthday monies in Hobby Craft
5. Started the long and tiring, yet totally fun job of turning home to Santas Grotto.
6. Bulk cooked food for the freezer - I hate cooking when I get home from work.
7. Completed a quick but necessary run to a major supermarket (I really f***in' hate food shopping)
8. Cataloged my fair creations with price tags and noted down profit margins into good ole Excel
9. Watch a number of funky film... because I can.
10. Eat junk food... because I can but I know I shouldn't.
11. Visit friend to pay for shed and discuss craft fair... she's got a stall there too.

So excuse me lovely peoples but I need coffee, cake and more organisation.

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