Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Halloween Craft Swap - what did you get?

A little while ago I decided that a Halloween Craft swap was in order. For no other reason than why not. A bit of a bumpy start due to a number of people dropping out due to other commitments however we held in to the end.

My little gang of swappers were given the challenge to create a fun or useful gift for the swap partner. The budget was £5 and the theme - pretty obvious if you read the post title ;)

Due to moving house I myself did not create as it would not have been fair. No way would I have had time to craft and move. So I brutally twisted the arm of my good friend Helen who stepped into my shoes to craft on my behalf.

That aside I just want to see what you all crafted and created! More importantly did you have fun and would you join me for another swap? I'll be able to join in on that one lol. I'm thinking easter with a twist.

I have linked your pages below. Take the time to look around these fantastic pages and sites and if your not already I recommend you like or follow these talented peeps! I know some peeps are running late posting their photos so please be patient. My door bell was ringing off the wall at one point. blog of Penny Hautler blog of Liz Ward facebook page of Melvina Blackmore blog of Julie Wells facebook page of Diane Harrod blog of Jan Ryan facebook page of Helen Campbell

I would like to thank you all personally for taking part. Just hosting it I got all excited. Next year it is on :D



  1. Thank you for organising the swap, I received some lovely items and have blogged about them.

    Jan x

  2. Thanks for organising this for us! I'm thrilled with mine! X

  3. happy halloween. This swap was great fun totally up for a twisty easter one :)

  4. Thanks,
    This was my first ever swap and I really enjoyed it! I loved my item and am proudly wearing it today! Looking forward to next year!

  5. Thanks for organising the swap Kat! I loved my Halloween bunting! Thank you very much to my secret swapper :)