Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Made by you, for me!

Well this last week wasn't the best. Some issues within the world of work and then the fact my stupid Blackberry finally gave up the ghost. Which on the whole has left me with little to no time to craft away. But that is what this afternoon is for.

However my lack of making made me want to buy handmade instead!

Going back a month or so I watch 'How To Train Your Dragon' for the first time. Those of you who are parents may be familiar with it. Those of you who are big kids at heart may also be aware of it. I fell in love with this film! So much so, after I finished watching I went straight on line, purchased the DVD, followed by the first book (yes I am aware its meant for kids) and then went on search for a toothless plush. I was so disappointed that I couldn't find one ANYWHERE. This is Dreamworks next big thing - the second movie in pre production and no plush dragons?? Until I searched good old Etsy - and found just what I wanted. A 20" Toothless plush. I know this photo does it no justice (I only had time to take one shot before smaller hands than mine grabbed it and tried to make away with it), but this is a super cool make. Vixenification - Totally worth the visit if you love the 'Toothless'.

Then I started wandering around (in the metaphorical sense) across the internet, looking at other handmade goodies. I knew it would only be a matter of time before I spotted something else I wanted. Something fun and had no relation to weddings or holidays. I wandered over to Ali's Craft Studio and had a nose around. I had every intention of looking for a gift for someone, but as usual, I ended up going 'want one of those, one of those, one of those...' So I limited myself to two gifts - for me...for now...

I should point out I have a huge fear of spiders, and this guy is currently sat on my back door... near the toilet. So if I wake in the middle of the night needing the bathroom I may end up getting a bit of a shock ;) I love these window d├ęcors though. They add life to a room without needing to hammer a nail into a wall. Best of all you can move them around if you get bored of where you placed them. Definitely be giving some out as Christmas prezzies. A site totally worth a mooch around and Ali will make sure they get sent to you with speed and carefully protected against possible damage! Can't argue with fantastic service and good quality products. Worth every penny too!

So I've commissioned Lucie at Angels and Diamonds to make me a bracelet for when I go on my Honeymoon. Normally I would make something myself, but a) I am being lazy, b) this girl can make some lovely designs, and c) trying to watch my pennies on beads. Don't have the colours I want so I won't be buying anything at the moment! I'm looking forward to seeing her design, and of course I will post a piccy when it's done!

Now... off to Wendy's 1st Unique Gifts to actually look for a prezzie... and maybe something for myself....

Monday, 13 June 2011

Handmade Monday 20: Yet more wedding decs

Okay so maybe the title of this post isn't entirely fair - I mean last week had been a rather rushed one. Rushed but not much has actually happened. And for once, today, since I am waiting in for a delivery (I love it when they say 'will arrive between 7am and 7pm' - a little more precise information would be much appreciated), I thought I would have a rather relaxing day. Well relaxing...ish...

I have painted half of the lounge, ripped down the curtains so I can wash them, hoovered, had the computer out to clean that mess under there, realised I still can't get the washing outside for fear of rain (and the unwashed pile is nearing the height of my rather ample waist and that's without curtains), baked brownies, currently baking cupcakes, and at some point will sit down to make up some more keyrings. So I guess that's relaxing... if your first name is Martha and you happen to be part of the Stuart family.

But it has meant I could join in with Handmade Monday and it has allowed me my much loved hobby of blog hopping. Thanks to Wendy for keeping the Monday Making going!

I went out some time back to a market and saw someone selling wine glass charms. They were so delicate and fancy looking, and beautifully made. It inspired me last Wednesday morning. Now normally that kinda thing doesn't do much for me, however I did think that since with me more is more and less is less, I figured I would decorate my own glasses for the wedding...just because I can. So whilst I have only done six, and whilst they are not to everyone's taste, I will admit that my currently watching Pirates of the Caribbean may have influenced the style slightly...

Kinda keeps with the goth theme though. Rest assured, the next ones will be pretty and pleasant, but how could I not pay homage to such a kick ass set of films? The first 3 that is!

So after that I figured that I would need tie backs for the door ways. Come the big day, to hide the plain white wood work I will be draping everything in material, from velvet to organza, going over every spare surface. However I don't think it would be practical to have my guests moving material every time they want to enter a room, so tie backs it was!

Yes... I made another wreath...

And then of course... there's the brownies...Out of the oven an hour ago. Not sure they'll last until the end of the day!

...Which did kinda fall apart a bit... but yummy all the same!

On that note I must check my cupcakes. Where I can then make a cup of tea, grab a brownie and blog hop!!

Monday, 6 June 2011

9 weeks and counting

I have finally gotten to that stage where I want everything to return to normal.

I have so many outstanding projects and absolutely noooo time to complete them. When I am at work I am obsessing about the big day, when I am at home I am busy preparing for the big day. I am getting to the point where I need to just chill. I miss my blog. I miss reading other peoples blogs. I miss the real word ;)

That and I hate the Royal Mail. A number of people were charged extra on my wedding invites when they got there - even though I was assured by the person at the counter that they would only need a first class stamp. I even made sure they pushed the letters through those plastic measuring thingys. I am so embarrassed. I keep trying to tell myself "It's only £1.18, not the end of the world" - but I feel so bad for the handful that ended up having to pay to collect their invites. You can rest assured I sent a very scathing email of complaint. I will await the result (but not holding my breath for anything to happen). I guess I could say the money is like a deposit to the free food and drink, but it doesn't help with the guilt.

But onto more pleasant things. I am still struggling through the decoration, favour boxes, and all the rest of the bits and pieces. I decided to make my life complicated further still - I am going to do my own wedding cake... I can't justify spending £360 on a cake. It sits for a few photos, then gets eaten? I don' think so some how. £360 my rear end! So I will keep you posted on the event as it unfolds. My back up plan in M&S - but don't tell anyone :)

So here are a few of my latest piccys. I hope you enjoy them. Make sure you pop round to 1stuniquegifts to check out what other talented people have been doing! I'm headed there right now!