Monday, 12 November 2012

Handmade Monday 92

Wow, it's been so long since I have had time to partake in the event of Handmade Monday. I've forced myself to sit down at the computer for a little while so I can take a trip around some of the blogs of other talented people. I have that slightly guilty feeling as I am behind in more of less every project I've got going. Amazing how having a family member come to stay can mess things up so royally.

But I digress.

It's been an interesting few weeks. Hit and Miss may be the best way to put it. On the one hand I have been busy creating items for orders that came through on the back of the Craft Party I recently had the pleasure of joining in. My online sales took a dive as I was without internet for 4 weeks and couldn't update anything and it's been a struggle to get things going again. Then we have the rush to get more stock ready for the Craft Fair that's coming up on the 2nd of December. As usual, thanks to life, I am running a little behind on that too.

All that said I have not been too idle. If you saw some of last weeks posts you will have seen my decorative hearts and stars. Well the crafting continued with another Owl being added to the family:

This is Mr Mottles - actively seeking a new home if your interested ;)

I continued on with some more hearts. These are much smaller than their predecessors' and much more 'Tree' friendly.

Then we have the slightly larger than the originals. Yet more hearts and much more stand alone decoration types.

I was happy to see the Patchwork heart left my store the moment I listed it. Always good when you know you've created a hit.

So that has been my week. Full of thread and stitches. I will take the time out to have a mooch around some of the lovely blogs that will have enlisted in Handmade Monday. If I don't get round to your right away I will be doing visits through out the week so I will be round!

Friday, 9 November 2012

My most favoured 30th Birthday present

This last Monday I turned the dreaded 3 0. I did not celebrate and I did not want to. My mother bought me a fridge freezer. My Hubby got me loads of fun stuff from Forbidden Planet (also known as The Mother Ship), however my most favoured prezzie came from my sister. Now, my sister, who is 11 years my senior, has only just discovered the likes of Ebay so I was delighted, shocked and surprised to find out that this item had been purchased from with Etsy or Facebook. I couldn't believe she would know how. In learning the likes of other selling platforms though my sister was one of only two people to buy me something handmade. Thumbs up sis!

Now the seller of this item I have total respect for. She can crochet so that puts her UP there! Not only that though, this lady knows how to make her critters stand out. I've wanted one of her creations for ages but my biggest issue - which one? I would be the kid in the candy store - "I'll have that one and that one and that one and that one and that one..." No that isn't flattery, that's a testament to this persons amazing talent.

So what did I get I hear you ask. Where did the wonderful mystery item originate from?


The lovely Liz Ward over at Amigurumi Barmy makes some of the most thought out plushies I've ever seen and I own one! Think my mother thought I had lost the plot when I opened that package and went "Oh My God! I've always wanted one of these. I know who makes these. How did Clare (my sister) know I wanted one? Oh wow..." The reply to the question was - Facebook. So here's a lesson for all you budding business people. If you haven't got a Facebook page - get one. I can assure you some big kid like me will see something they like and whilst they sit wondering which item they want a relative could pop along and make the choice for you.

Here's my lovely little fella. Or fella-ess I suppose :D The detailing is amazing and I adore the little slippers. The little heart buttons on the side of the face - shhhhhh don't tell anyone but there a few on her bum too *tee-hee*.

So here's thanks to Liz and her wonderful creations. You made my Birthday and you didn't know it until now :D

You can visit Liz and keep up with creations via her Facebook Page, via her Etsy Store or via her Blog.

With U in Mind goes State Side

Okay, so the title makes this post sound really exciting... and perhaps for most of you, not so much! However for me? I was doing major dance routines this morning just because I could.

I decided back in August to open an Etsy store. Didn't do much with it in all fairness. Listed a handful of items and that was that. I made a single sale going back a few months ago and again I just kind of let it hang. Not having the internet made me rethink my plans. With most of my sales coming from word of mouth, fairs or parties I figured that even though the old Facebook page was doing it's job in raising awareness, it wasn't raising my sales levels. Folksy has served me reasonably well but sales are sporadic and I certainly couldn't plan anything by them. So time to revisit Etsy and get my store loaded up with goodies. So yesterday after posting on my blog I sat down and listed a bunch of Christmas Decorations. The plan for today was to do the same (and still is after my marathon mission of post office, Hobby Craft, friends house, Morrisons - all on public transport). When I woke up this morning 3 of my decorations had sold so I was very impressed. I then checked where I was sending the items to. First thing in the morning I was sitting there thinking "Weymouth" or "Dundee". Nope - West Virginia. Oh yeah, With U in Mind has just made it's first State side sale! WOO-HOO go me.

Now watch the curse as Etsy makes me no more sales until the New Year :/ I LOVE YOU ETSY, DON'T LET ME DOWN! :D

Moving on...

As promised here are a couple of other items I have been working on. Little hanging star decorations. Well actually they aren't they small. At 10cm that makes them kinda large I guess, but just as lovely and Christmassy. I won't have time this year, but next year I think I may add fragrance. Maybe something orangey as Cinnamon tends to give me a headache. We shall see.

Sold Yesterday - Yes!!! Love you Etsy.

Thursday, 8 November 2012

Okay so I can see that the title of this post didn't really have the pop factor I would have liked, however the little asterix will have to do for the star part.

So what has been going on in the world of With U in Mind? Well of course by now you will have all seen the lovely entries of the craft swappers in their Halloween themed success. Was a little miffed that I couldn't join in the fun, however what with the house move if wouldn't have been fair. I know I would have been late. Nothing worse that being the person organising something then being the only one late in sending out your goodies. However, the more I think about it, I think the next one with be an Easter with a twist swap. Watch this space if your interested. Well not this exact space since once this post is posted... it's ain't changing.

I finally have internet connection. Now to give it it's due if anyone out there is a virtual addict like I, get yourself a Samsung Galaxy Note. I would have been lost without it. Managed to do most things during my 4 week drought. It wasn't easy, however, I am proud to sit here and say Samsung rule!

But this is a blog about crafting and fun things, not random electrical items than help addicts get their internet fix ;)

I have been beavering away on decorations and other goodies ready for the end of month craft fair. This will be the first Christmas craft fair I have ever had the pleasure of taking part in. Mainly because when you work in retail the rota is written out by Mr Humbug and his evil minions. This year I managed to book a date so I'm pretty excited. I know I will spend more than I make - which for those of you who are looking to start your own business is a no no. My excuse is that I will be spending my pocket money :D

Want to see some of the goodies I've been creating?

This isn't it by the way. This is just a taster. Funny image of me turning up with 4 stuffed hearts and nothing else. Would be a short and embarrassing fair me thinks. No I will post some other goodies shortly. However I am a woman with a mission. I have until Monday when I am off until to complete the following list:

1. Completed a blog post on my most AWESOME birthday present!
2. Completed a selection of other blog posts.
3. Updated by Folksy/Etsy/Facebook pages.
4. Spent birthday monies in Hobby Craft
5. Started the long and tiring, yet totally fun job of turning home to Santas Grotto.
6. Bulk cooked food for the freezer - I hate cooking when I get home from work.
7. Completed a quick but necessary run to a major supermarket (I really f***in' hate food shopping)
8. Cataloged my fair creations with price tags and noted down profit margins into good ole Excel
9. Watch a number of funky film... because I can.
10. Eat junk food... because I can but I know I shouldn't.
11. Visit friend to pay for shed and discuss craft fair... she's got a stall there too.

So excuse me lovely peoples but I need coffee, cake and more organisation.