Friday, 9 November 2012

With U in Mind goes State Side

Okay, so the title makes this post sound really exciting... and perhaps for most of you, not so much! However for me? I was doing major dance routines this morning just because I could.

I decided back in August to open an Etsy store. Didn't do much with it in all fairness. Listed a handful of items and that was that. I made a single sale going back a few months ago and again I just kind of let it hang. Not having the internet made me rethink my plans. With most of my sales coming from word of mouth, fairs or parties I figured that even though the old Facebook page was doing it's job in raising awareness, it wasn't raising my sales levels. Folksy has served me reasonably well but sales are sporadic and I certainly couldn't plan anything by them. So time to revisit Etsy and get my store loaded up with goodies. So yesterday after posting on my blog I sat down and listed a bunch of Christmas Decorations. The plan for today was to do the same (and still is after my marathon mission of post office, Hobby Craft, friends house, Morrisons - all on public transport). When I woke up this morning 3 of my decorations had sold so I was very impressed. I then checked where I was sending the items to. First thing in the morning I was sitting there thinking "Weymouth" or "Dundee". Nope - West Virginia. Oh yeah, With U in Mind has just made it's first State side sale! WOO-HOO go me.

Now watch the curse as Etsy makes me no more sales until the New Year :/ I LOVE YOU ETSY, DON'T LET ME DOWN! :D

Moving on...

As promised here are a couple of other items I have been working on. Little hanging star decorations. Well actually they aren't they small. At 10cm that makes them kinda large I guess, but just as lovely and Christmassy. I won't have time this year, but next year I think I may add fragrance. Maybe something orangey as Cinnamon tends to give me a headache. We shall see.

Sold Yesterday - Yes!!! Love you Etsy.

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  1. Congratulations on your US sale you must be really pleased. The stars are really pretty. It's interesting to hear the difference between Folksy and Etsy. Have a lovely weekend.
    Ali x