Monday, 22 August 2011

D.I.Y. Wedding

Wow, so long since I blogged it's scary. However I can sit here before heading back to work tomorrow knowing that it's over. Wedding, done. Honeymoon, done. Clear up, done! It feels so great for things to go back to normal. Best of all I can take up all things I love to do without feeling guilty about not completing wedding jobs. Such a relief. Know why people say you only do it once now ;)

So since life is fresh and normal, HELLO HANDMADE MONDAY. Feels so good to say that.

As you can guess, having arrived back in lovely England at 12am this morning, I have no nice new makes for you. So I thought I would share a handful of photos from my handmade wedding instead. Most of you will have seen the pics of the invites, the cakes boxes and wreaths, so here are some photos of how it all came together (or didn't in some cases as I ran out of time - you know how it goes). The most important thing is everyone had a good day... or so I am told. I admit there may have been nor breakfast consumed, and some drinking taking place...ho-hum...

So lets do the before and after.

Before (remember this back garden?):

And now... the finished product. It never ended up the way I wanted due to a number of issues we faced on the week leading up. Everything from one of the wedding cars breaking down, the cake nearly going down the drain (literally), people cancelling, my dress getting damaged after my mother decided to take it to a dry cleaners to get the creases out. However, we got something together and it did the job just fine.

A friend of mine took photos of the cake so I am yet to see a good photo, but here is one my sister took. I am looking forward to seeing a better photo of this, but you get the idea here. By the way, all you cake makers - how you do it I will never know. I bow down to your expertise.

The working wedding car (one out of the should have been two):

Then the most important piece of the day...

Okay... maybe the most important was the champagne we had for our journey home...

I will share some more photos as and when I get them - as well as some holiday snaps. In the mean time I am going to join in with the Handmade Monday crowd and see what I have been missing! Please join in by visiting 1st Unique Gifts.