Monday, 22 April 2013

To watermark or not to watermark...

I have had so much business sent via my facebook page that my blog once again has become neglected. However I guess I should not complain right?

The world that facebook opens to you is a strange one indeed and over the past 6 months I have read all sorts of weird and wonderful things. Some are just truly amazing, others just down right nasty.

But that one question I keep seeing all the time - should you watermark your images.

Now this is something that up until selling via facebook I had never thought of. My reasoning is quite simple - as a customer nothing irritates me more than seeing a company name printed in faded writing across the centre of the image. Talk about off putting. I always thought the aim of the game was the show the product off. Make me want to buy it. Not make me go - 'urgh, someone thinks highly of their business'.

Now from a professional side of things I fully understand the need to protect your images. The need to ensure what is yours remains yours. So yes, objectively I can safely say 'thumbs up on the watermarking'.

I am sure that there are those of you out there that are avid facebook followers. I am sure you, like I, will sit there for hours on end looking at others crafty creations and ponder on whether or not spend your hard earned pennies with a person you've never met, and a product you've never seen in person (a blog post for another time I feel). In amongst all that I am sure you have read a handful of posts by sellers who have fallen victim to the buy and resell. You know the story. So-and-so just sold a necklace for £15. The person she sold it to is now selling the same necklace at £20 and passing it off as hers. Worse still... the photos weren't watermarked, were downloaded onto the buyers pc and uploaded as her own image. Naughty!

Now I could go on about the obvious there (another post again) about the buyer 'stealing' the item. But no, today I am contemplating whether watermarking is the way to go.

So I played around with some of my images and came to one conclusion.

If someone really wants to get their sticky mitts on your goodies and they want to try and selling them on at a higher price - they will. More fool you for not pricing your items at the correct selling price to begin with (harsh but true). So in essence someone could just buy your items and take their own photos. I know I am not the only customer out there that doesn't like the bold but noticeable statement of the company name scrawled over the products picture.

I myself have settled for a happy medium.

Since looking at things from a business point of view means a) the watermark is my company name, when googled in images my company is highlighted, b) What's the harm in taking some precaution? These images can still be altered but at least it becomes harder for our would be thief. Besides, I can still see the product and my customer senses don't get offended ;)

Long and short of it people - if you want that image to remain yours - watermark it (right across the middle in faded print and larger than me). If you feel that perhaps you will be a lucky one, go for it. Leave it blank Or if you are like me and are offended by print over the items - make it subtle, but there.

Remember, just because you jumped one hurdle, you now need to get ready for the next.

Kat xx


  1. hello!. I'm all for watermarking. i have never heard of folks buying items you have made then selling them on at profit pretending they have made them! thats a nasty thing to do! i hope i never experience that!. any how. i watermark my images to get my name out there. Jam Butty Crafts needs to be EVERY WHERE! lol. thats the only reason really for me. xxx <3

  2. It's an interesting one. I hate watermarked images, but It is important to promote and link your image with your product. I'm with you on this one Kat.

  3. I watermark some but not all of my items. I don't like the watermark to take over the photo but I'm with you about searching for images on google, it's nice when I see one of my images and spot my name on it.
    On a couple of my photo's I've put my name in teeny tiny print in the design, so small that you can't see it unless you know it's there :)

    Jan x

  4. A really good and relevant post. It's not only people buying your products and selling them. Two separate people have copied my product images and posted them on Facebook claiming them as their own - taking orders from them and accepting the compliments!!! I've still not got round to watermarking, although I know I should (I'm currently watermarking all the images I'll be selling as printables). I think for product images, a nice watermark in a visible but not intrusive part of the photo is a really good idea.