Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Ika - That's Squid Girl to you and I

So I got asked to commission this cross stitch a couple of weeks back. I had the worst luck possible when working on this piece though. The lady wanted it complete by the 16/4/13. I started it just after my last march blog post. I finished it 10 days later... only to spill coffee all over it. I was so upset as you can imagine. I had to rush the second copy to get it out the customer on time... and ended sending it for next day delivery. That's how close it was.

However the hard work paid off. It was a gift for her daughters birthday who is a massive Squid Girl fan (I love my anime but that is one I have never heard of). I was told she was very happy.

The piece has 30 thread colours and is 10"x7".

I'm not working on a Chocobo for all your Final Fantasy fans out there. I hope it turns out just as good if not better. 

Kat xx

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