Monday, 29 April 2013

Pikachu vs Ika

So I was meant to be cleaning...

... but I decided to frame this fella instead. Just coz!

A nice light reprieve after the lovely custom order I had the other week of Ika the Squid girl.

As you can see, so much easier LOL. Though that said I am currently tackling a 'Little Mermaid' (just for fun), a Chocobo... because they are cute and I am designing a CareBear. I think I've gone cross stitch mad... ahhh well :)

I have decided to pop along to Handmade Monday as I haven't actually done that for such a long time. I miss my blog spotting so I think I will fill my afternoon with mooching around the lovely makes of others.

Kat xxx


  1. They are both lovely. My daughter (aged 5) adores Pikachu, I must show her this.

  2. I love Pikachu. Little Mermaids seem to be in fashion this week. Looking forward to seeing yours.

  3. Wow - lovely work. I guess it gets a bit addictive after a while :)