Saturday, 23 March 2013

If Rabbits could Talk

Well according to the calendar it's meant to be spring.

According to the weather it's still very much the middle of winter. Fine by me, but I know many of your are looking forward to sweaty sticky summer evenings using a fan to help you sleep ;)

So I've posted some pics of my Chicken Little - who rightly said the sky is falling. So I thought I would post you a couple of pics of some lovely Easter Bunnies.

Now, here in the With U in Mind house hold, we have a rabbit. She lives in her hutch outside and comes inside every day for several hours. Cute right? Nay, you are wrong. Yuffie (that's our rabbit) is the leader of all evil deeds. Not only does she hate everyone (with the exception of my hubby whom she views as her human/rabbit partner) but she hates everything. It became a bit of a joke but my Husband said a few years ago that I should write a comic strip with Yuffie and our two cats being the main characters. An interesting notion and one I plan to play with over the next year or so.

At the end of that slightly random tangent what I am saying is all rabbits are evil... apart from these guys.

Will shortly be available in our Folksy and Etsy stores

Will shortly be available in our Folksy and Etsy stores

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