Friday, 9 November 2012

My most favoured 30th Birthday present

This last Monday I turned the dreaded 3 0. I did not celebrate and I did not want to. My mother bought me a fridge freezer. My Hubby got me loads of fun stuff from Forbidden Planet (also known as The Mother Ship), however my most favoured prezzie came from my sister. Now, my sister, who is 11 years my senior, has only just discovered the likes of Ebay so I was delighted, shocked and surprised to find out that this item had been purchased from with Etsy or Facebook. I couldn't believe she would know how. In learning the likes of other selling platforms though my sister was one of only two people to buy me something handmade. Thumbs up sis!

Now the seller of this item I have total respect for. She can crochet so that puts her UP there! Not only that though, this lady knows how to make her critters stand out. I've wanted one of her creations for ages but my biggest issue - which one? I would be the kid in the candy store - "I'll have that one and that one and that one and that one and that one..." No that isn't flattery, that's a testament to this persons amazing talent.

So what did I get I hear you ask. Where did the wonderful mystery item originate from?


The lovely Liz Ward over at Amigurumi Barmy makes some of the most thought out plushies I've ever seen and I own one! Think my mother thought I had lost the plot when I opened that package and went "Oh My God! I've always wanted one of these. I know who makes these. How did Clare (my sister) know I wanted one? Oh wow..." The reply to the question was - Facebook. So here's a lesson for all you budding business people. If you haven't got a Facebook page - get one. I can assure you some big kid like me will see something they like and whilst they sit wondering which item they want a relative could pop along and make the choice for you.

Here's my lovely little fella. Or fella-ess I suppose :D The detailing is amazing and I adore the little slippers. The little heart buttons on the side of the face - shhhhhh don't tell anyone but there a few on her bum too *tee-hee*.

So here's thanks to Liz and her wonderful creations. You made my Birthday and you didn't know it until now :D

You can visit Liz and keep up with creations via her Facebook Page, via her Etsy Store or via her Blog.

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  1. *blushes* thanks for the lovely words, I'm really glad you like your omnipom. Your sisters a sly one I had no idea she was bought for you. I'm working on making those bunny slippers in adult size at the mo :) Hope you had a lovely birthday xxx