Monday, 6 June 2011

9 weeks and counting

I have finally gotten to that stage where I want everything to return to normal.

I have so many outstanding projects and absolutely noooo time to complete them. When I am at work I am obsessing about the big day, when I am at home I am busy preparing for the big day. I am getting to the point where I need to just chill. I miss my blog. I miss reading other peoples blogs. I miss the real word ;)

That and I hate the Royal Mail. A number of people were charged extra on my wedding invites when they got there - even though I was assured by the person at the counter that they would only need a first class stamp. I even made sure they pushed the letters through those plastic measuring thingys. I am so embarrassed. I keep trying to tell myself "It's only £1.18, not the end of the world" - but I feel so bad for the handful that ended up having to pay to collect their invites. You can rest assured I sent a very scathing email of complaint. I will await the result (but not holding my breath for anything to happen). I guess I could say the money is like a deposit to the free food and drink, but it doesn't help with the guilt.

But onto more pleasant things. I am still struggling through the decoration, favour boxes, and all the rest of the bits and pieces. I decided to make my life complicated further still - I am going to do my own wedding cake... I can't justify spending £360 on a cake. It sits for a few photos, then gets eaten? I don' think so some how. £360 my rear end! So I will keep you posted on the event as it unfolds. My back up plan in M&S - but don't tell anyone :)

So here are a few of my latest piccys. I hope you enjoy them. Make sure you pop round to 1stuniquegifts to check out what other talented people have been doing! I'm headed there right now!


  1. Good luck on doing your wedding cake, I don't blame you, £360 is a lot to spend out.
    Love your door wreaths, the colours are great and I like the dragonfly and flutterby.

    Shame about the postage but I'm sure everyone understands.

    Jan x

  2. Good luck with the wedding cake. Weddings are so expensive for a few hours of a day worth putting things into perspective. Ours 30+ years ago was small but perfectly formed with just those that mattered, some relatives complained but at the end of the day it is your day to enjoy and do the way you want to.

  3. Love the way your butterflies sit on that black background. Don't worry about the postage people will understand. Best of luck with the cake.

  4. I love your butterflies, they look lovely :)
    Good luck with the wedding cake! I made my mum's last year. I suggest plenty of practice, after all you can never have too much cake!

  5. The butterflies are lovely. Good luck with the cake - I'm sure M&S is a good Plan B!

    Thank you for taking part in Handmade Monday x

  6. Great idea making your own wedding cake, I bet it will be delicious and everyone will be really wowed by how much of this you are doing yourself... and doubtless the orders will flood in!

  7. That would be nice, getting orders in from my own wedding. Or is that just selfish lol

  8. That is all so beautiful. And I'm keeping my mouth shut on the whole cake thing because I think the whole wedding thing has gotten completely out of control when everyone tells me how much it all costs, and I watch the TV shows about it. Then again, I had boys so was not really involved in the wedding plans (and my daughter in laws did most of their own planning and had smaller affairs which were lovely).
    Wait, I didn't keep my mouth shut, did I? :) Bet your cake will be outstanding!

  9. All your makes are lovely, very stylish.
    That's a load of money for a bit of cake, you do right making your own.
    Hope you get some time to stick your feet up and chill.

  10. I'm sure you will make a fantastic cake. If it's anything like the rest of your crafts it will be gorgeous.

  11. Thanks for all the 'good lucks' - I think I may need it!

  12. Beautiful butterflies.. make sure you post wedding paraphernalia! A home-made cake definately sounds like the way to go.

  13. You are doing so well, I can't believe the amount you have achieved already. And you know you will really be able to say that it is your day.