Tuesday, 30 October 2012

I apologise for the typos but my phone just don't love me

Okay, so I haven't written a post in an age. The reason for this is threefold. First there was the house move. Second there was the rush to get things sorted for the craft party I attended this weekend. Finally and most importantly there is still no internet connection until the 7th of November. Whilst I love my phone there is that moment of dread when trying to type an email on a touch screen phone with no spell check let alone a blog post. However  I have withdrawal symptoms plus I will be linking up with the lovely peeps who have taken part in my Halloween Craft Swap so I couldn't hide any longer.

So on the back of all this I have decided though I rent, I will never move house ever again. I will become a squatter if I have to. Our old landlord said he was selling up so trying to find a new house was a nightmare. Eventually found somewhere that looked reasonable. On the day of the move I hired the Chuckle Brothers to move me. Now I work for a self storage company and he was one of our recommended removalists. Note the word 'was'. I only realised they had over charged me by £40 after they left. Interesting that they have not been back to the store I work in since. Then once we're in I go to set up my new tv unit only to find 3 missing parts. They won't refund me but will send out the missing part... to the old a3ddress then expect me to pick them up from that address. I think not. The old landlord then wants to hold back half of my deposit. £500 to repair a carpet, go to the tip and 'redecorate'. We were in the house for 4 and a half years. Not only that but we were meant to move out on the 16th... we were forced to complete the move on the 13th. The amount of stuff we had to leave behind was unreal. You can imagine the flavour of the emails that have been going backwards and forwards.

But let us move on...

I attended my very first craft party this last weekend. In all fairness the turn out wasn't good. On a positive note I did make a few sales and get a couple of orders so I'm quite happy. Has anyone ever held their own party? How did it go and what advice would
you give? I am wondering if it would be worth holding my own.

Please pop by tomorrow evening where my Halloweeners shall be sharing their swaps.
Since I write this whilst waiting for a train home I will leave you with some photos and will be checking around what I've missed over the past few weeks.

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