Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Tired of boxes so I sat down to read...

Sorry for the absence my lovely reader people. I have had to make myself scarce in order to view new properties and the joys that are work.

With the Landlord giving us the boot we have had to look around for something affordable and pleasant. No easy task in this area of London. Strange how everyone just baulks when you go - oh and I have two cats too. Stupid Landlord types. You make enough money as it is - no need to panic over pets.

However, good news. We have a new house *cheers*. Better still it's a two bed house *cheers louder*. Nice place with a garden. I'm happy. The down side is between now and the move I have 3 days off. Today not included I spent cleaning and touching up paint work as the estate agent is round to 'value' the property (I carefully made sure I didn't clean the black mould off the living room wall, the bedroom wall, most of the bathroom walls and the hallway). Once she leaves tomorrow I need to get some crafting done though. That leaves me two days to pack, get my Sky sorted, order and have a fridge freezer delivered and generally organise chaos. Fun times ahead :/

On the up note - have you read you issue of Craftseller this month? I have and look who I found on the 'Your Letters' page:

A not so good photo of the magazine

The original

I just sent the photo in as a laugh via email thinking it looked kinda cute. Everyone loves cute so I figured it would make someone go 'Awwwww'. Must have really made someone go awww if it appeared in the mag. Either that or there weren't that many reader letters that month...

So tomorrow I will be posting the next part of the Plan. This time I will be talking about managing your time. If you are interested please pop by. I have some makes that I will post up for you soon too. Over all I am one busy bunny.


  1. I saw that, but didn't make the connection....duh! Don't envy you all the packin' and shiftin' for a move, but hope you'll be really happy there.....and I'd deffo leave the black mould on the walls!

  2. Good Luck With the move Honey xx