Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Another period of absence

I apologise for not being around much. It's all been in the spirit of Christmas however!

This year has seen With U in Mind take off with regards to the seasonal orders. So much so that I haven't had time to do anything other than make make make. Not that I am complaining. I couldn't be happier in all fairness.

I had my last fair of the year this last weekend and it wasn't the best which was a bit of a blow out, but never to give up I have plans for next year to hit larger scale markets and fairs to see if we can't get up yet another milestone.

The past few weeks have made me realise a few things however. Firstly - unless asked, or unless the flight of fancy takes me I won't be doing much in the way of Jewellery any more. It sells ok, but I just can't bare to see the stands of hand crafted markets saturated with the stuff (no offence to any of my readers who are themselves jewellery makers). My talent is middle of the road and I just can't compete. However my home decor stuff nearly sold out and all my 'novelty' items are pretty much gone too! So, as of the New Year - bye bye jewellery, hello my lovely sewing machine/fimo/alternative crafts.

If any of you are interested I have a 'Sale' album up on my Facebook. Pop by and have a mooch.

I've been working on a whole range of designs based around retro gaming. I started this at the back end of last year and never did anything with it, however with my move away from beads and wire I thought it was about time to resurrect the ideas.

These will be developed into clothing iron on patches, phone and kindle cases, console cases and a number of other things.

I also want to look at doing so large project bags but we will see...

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