Monday, 12 December 2011

Santa's Coming... soon...

Another busy week this week. Finishing off the ends of some custom orders took a little longer than I thought, but it was worth the time. I literally just had some good feedback on one of the pieces so I am hoping the only way is up. I've also been doing some research at local markets - getting ready for the new year, and hopefully to become a regular at some local events. It may be a very hard time out there, but I have a some faith left that the unusual will always bring interest. All in all, a productive, if slightly tiring week.

Here are some quick snaps of some of the pieces I have been working on. Just hope the recipients will like them.

 My Partner in Crime has been working on her sewing and painting skills over the past couple of weeks. Whilst I am still yet to get a snap of any of these items I can assure you it won't be long. I'm proud of her for jumping in at the deep end. New skills can sometimes be daunting.

Before I go off to wrap some prezzies I'm gonna head off to Handmade Monday to see the makes of the week from other talented people.

However, before I sign off... don't forget... SANTA IS HEADED THIS WAY!!!! WOO-HOO


  1. Lovely necklace and matching earings, the recipient should be very pleased with those. I also love the little mice and the sweetheart sweets. Did you know that they were about in the early 50's and have been available ever since, I had them as a child and my children had them and now my Grandchildren are eating them, thats some going.

  2. Love the scrabble rings but then I also love the sweetheart earrings ...........

  3. They are all great, its funny how we all worry about what people will think of gifts that are handmade yet the majority of people would much rather have handmade over mass produced any day. I love the little mice earrings, I loved them as a kid. x

  4. The sweetheart earrings are lovely - love the Scrabble jewellery too.

  5. Love those meecies to pieces. Hugs Mrs A.

  6. The mice remind me of the sugar mice, not sure if you can still get them. Lovely creations as always

  7. Lovely items all ready for wrapping :o)
    Not long to go now.
    I look forward to seeing the planned photo's, it is daunting when starting something new but it's also fun X

    Jan x