Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Getting ready for a Give Away - The January Event

Whilst most of our Christmas orders are now completed I have time on my hands to wonder about the months to come. Whilst this blog has been going since the start of this year the online presence of the company has been minimal at best. As most of you know I have done fits and starts of activity, which, for one reason or another tend to drizzle of into some unknown place.

Talking to my partner in crime with regards to the new year and our business plans, it has come time to give our online presence a boost.

As a result we have decided to run a double give away. Well... actually... I guess you could times that by 6 just to make 7. We will part ways for Christmas to create ready for the New Years Give Away Extravaganza. A mouthful I know!

In order to boost out blog following, our Facebook fan following, and our online custom we have decided to hold not one, not two, not three, not four but FIVE New Year Give Aways. Yes you did read that right.

We will launch one Give Away a week via the blog - the rules of which shall be posted on Jan 1st. That makes four lovely gifts to give away to four lucky readers. Gifts will change from week to week, offering a full range of talent and plenty of lovely gift potential.

Simultaneously we will be running a Give Away via our Facebook (I have been passing the word amongst the Uni bodies and work bods, and now you...). This will run from the 1st of January all the way to end of the month, 3 winners being announced on the 31st. The rules will be posted via the blog and via our Facebook page on the 1st of January.

So a grand total of 7 prizes to give away.

So whilst you put your feet up and read this blog (hopefully with a cuppa and a slice of cake), think of us as we get ready for our big January Event. Really looking forward to it myself! And I can't even enter... shame!


  1. The blog giveaway is always a good thing and I am so looking forward to it :) Hope you have a great Xmas and a fantastic 2012!


  2. Just stopping y to wish you a Very Merry Christmas and A Happy New Year. Looking forward to your January Event. Hugs Mrs A.