Saturday, 31 December 2011

A prosperous New Year to all!

Firstly I would like to thank all our readers for their support over the past year. Secondly, a prosperous New Year to each and every one of you.

I am sure that by now we are all sick of the sight of mince pies, chocolate and turkey. If you aren't you are made of stronger stuff than I am! It has been a shame since I have been working through the daily rat race over Christmas, but it was fun nonetheless. I must state, however, that I am glad the end if nigh. If only so I can take down my decorations and start getting back to some sort of half tidy, half acceptable state, where the cats won't climb the tree and the chocolates that are currently scattered across my coffee table can slowly dwindle down.

The sad thing about it all though is we now start on the New Years Resolutions that we just won't stick to. For many of us it will sound something like 'diet', 'quit smoking', 'not drink so much', 'visit the in laws more often' (well maybe no the last one. Let's not push it). So I have sworn that I will not make any resolutions! A smart move on my part. Also, for many of you it means getting back into the crafty suit so that you can get ready for up and coming events. Whilst my partner in crime and I will also be affected by that pull this year, I am hoping (if vainly) that I will be organised enough that I won't need to panic nearer the time (who am I kidding?). I have already been busy cross stitching my way to March. Now if I can just produce enough for a market stall I will be half way there. Only time will tell... (wonder if I can beat the clock into letting out some secrets of the future?)

This evening will be the last big evening for the With U in Mind posse. A birthday and New Year celebration in one. Tomorrow morning will bring a hangover from hell and the need to produce patterns, designs and other wondrous weird items ready for a New Year push. It will also be the start of our Facebook give away, and the beginning of our Blog January Event. We hope you will join in and pass the word around to your friends. In the meantime I think I can see a morning of slobbing out and watching a little Disney or Superhero media.

Until tomorrow...

...Happy New Year to one and all!!!


  1. Happy New Year to you Kat!

    I'm with you on the 'no resolutions' front - I always break them but the 'sick of chocolate'?? Sadly I doubt this will ever happen so if you want to send over your offending goodies...

    Hope you have a great evening and a wonderful 2012

    Ali x

  2. I stopped making resolutions a few years ago when the penny finally dropped that one would never keep them unless you really, really, want to. Need does not come into it, want is the key word. I spent years trying to stop smoking as I could not afford it but when I finally wanted to for me I did it.
    Having said all that I am now suffering from far too much sugar intake cos I am weak willed. Keep drinking the water is wot I say. lol.