Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Naughty blogger

Yes I have been a Naughty Blogger...

...I have let faffing get in the way of posting. Bad me. Bad, bad me!

Which isn't to state that I haven't been busy. I have been sewing away on more mini monsters, getting creative with buckets and bunnies and trying to get my photos in order. Am I the only person who seems to end up with a thousand pics on the PC that you know you will never use... yet you never get round to deleting. Instead you just add more. Never good... but it's all I seem to do. Take the photo, and another and another... might use that one... can't be bothered to delete the rest.

Needless to state I was starting to delete photos when I got sidetracked by blogging :)

I also got started on some Limoncello... random but true! Wondering if it works with oranges too because that could mean summer drinks sorted :D

So here is a few piccys of the bits I've been working on. Nothing overly exciting I am afraid but fun nonetheless.

 These are my Bunnies in Buckets. Not great photos thanks the the cellophane! But you get the idea. It's a bunny in a bucket with mini Easter eggs, a phone charm and a random bit of jewellery - in this case a heart pendant. These are coming with me to the fair in a couple of weeks time. I'm doing Mini Monster Buckets too... though the name isn't as catchy. Great little add on sale kinda thing.

Another sweetie charm bracelet... just because I think they look fun! Super sweet for summer hehehe.

Keeping to the Easter theme with these Hot Cross Bun earrings...

Then a little away from Easter with the carrots. However the Easter Bunny may need carrots...

And as soon as I can get myself organised and start deleting photos I don't need, I can post more. However the kettle has just called... and I think I can hear the hoover too for that matter...


  1. What do you mean, 'nothing exciting'. Thats a lovely selection. I especially love your Bunnie Buckets, smashing idea for Easter. It gets more difficult to come up with something original doesn't it.

  2. Aww those Bunnies in buckets are fab! So cute!
    I need to delete some photos from my laptop, have files and files of them... I'll do it later..honest.. *crosses fingers*


  3. These are lovely! The hot cross buns are so cute - now get deleting those pics! Mich x

  4. Wow! I love those hot cross bun earrings! Let me know if you sell them in your Etsy store! (I'm working on a blog post on hot cross buns and came across your blog doing some image research...)

    All the best

    Lise, Copenhagen