Sunday, 8 April 2012

Secret Easter Bunny Swap

I love a good swap, but don't often enter them as they can be time consuming. After all if you don't know the person you making for you don't want to offend them with something they are going to hate! However, over at the Craft Forum they held a lovely Secret Easter Bunny Swap. Of course I had to enter.

I am yet to find out what my swap feel about what I sent them, so I will not go into the gift I sent out. However I had to share with you the lovely handiwork of what I got to open this morning.

My S.E.B. (secret easter bunny) seems to be very talented with her wire work as I couldn't even begin to start on something like this and make it look good.

I love the detailing on the headband! Something I would love to be able to do.

So thank you Easter Bunny. You're gift totally ROCKS!!!

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