Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Time to take stock

I will be up-rooting myself today and taking a 3 day trip to Derby. On the whole I don't mind. It's my mothers birthday so it's a good cause. On the other side of the coin though I am a little disheartened when I promised myself I would spend time getting the photos on my misi shop sorted out (most are far too dull and uninspiring). I wanted to paint out my logo design, and yes, I finally decided on one. And most importantly, after filing my tax return (which they don't write in English), I wanted to stock take all the masses of mess I have acquired throughout the year. So many ideas of where I want to go and what I want to create... But no clue as to whether or not I have the supplies (grrrrr...).

But onwards and upwards. I can spend my days sifting through garden centres for inspiration. Making a mess as I cut out felt templates on the train or cutting head pins to the right size. Getting to see my Ram-Ram again. And possibly go to Hobby Craft - the store you go into with the intention of buying one or two bits, then come out £80 down. But the one thing above all else  - I must complete a custom piece for someone.

And hopefully get a good nights sleep... (not holding my breath!)

My cat Ramoth (Ram-Ram) who currently resides with my mum.

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