Friday, 15 April 2011

I've gone completely Bertie... Bassett's that is.

Going back a couple of weeks ago, on what can only be described as the growing craze of Handmade Monday, one individual decided to post about a selection of bags she had created. So of course I had to have one of my own didn't I? After all - Liquorice Allsorts - Hello?!?

I have to state I can't, in a thousand years, stand the taste of the vile sweet, yet there is something very childish in their design. So much so that when I saw this item I thought I had to own a bag in that material.  

And so the lovely Diane Harrod went to work on my request. There was a little bit of trouble on my end when it came to the posting. I missed the delivery, the post man was just plain wrong and then unfortunately Diane had to resend the item. But I couldn't have asked for a better service. And a good service it was too!

More than anything I couldn't have asked for a better bag! Please excuse the pictures, they do it no justice. Fading light and a phone ain't much, but I really wanted to share this with someone. It totally kicks ass and then some!

I love my bag!!!

I have a Bassestt's bag! WOOHOO.

ZukieStyle offers a wide range of unique designs, bespoke designs, day and evening bags as well as special day items for the likes of Weddings/Christening. A must see check out would be her new Tote Style bags! Loving the Strawberry bag myself. This is a woman with an amazing talent, and a great eye for detail. The stitching is perfect, the zip (which I was warned may be a little stiff) runs without any issues at all and the handle is carefully crafted and attached with D rings. One piece of work that should belong in any shop without consequence. But it's mine, ALL MINE! She has produced a bag that fits all my requirements and stands out from the crowd too. I was recently told that is truly is one of a kind, so as you can imagine, really chuffed about that!

If not for yourself, I would recommend ZukieStyle to anyone looking for a bespoke gift for a friend or family member! And the customer service get a 10 out of 10 from me.

Well done Diane, you made me one happy Kat.


  1. I can really see the appeal of this fabric. Personally I have a thing for liquorice (not specifically 'Allsorts' although I do enjoy them too)The fabric is fun and colourful and you look as if you have got yourself a great Summer bag.

  2. Looks good enough to eat! Nancy