Sunday, 17 April 2011

Randomling again

I live in the South East of London, where today the sun is out and I am about to contemplate putting out the washing. My boyfriends birthday is today and thus is currently surrounded by gifts. Mainly he is flicking through books and trying to decide which film to put on first.

And outside we have the Marathon runners. Yes, the course runs RIGHT outside my house. As in a handful of steps from the door and you could touch these insane people.

Why insane you ask?

Because who wants to run a race that for all intents and purposes is designed to kill you? Why would you want to run a race where your body essentially eats itself? And it does! Once you hit 'the wall' and come out the other side your body is actually eating its own muscle structure. Now that's my idea of fun... not.

To make it even better as I headed up the road to the cafe, (where I proceeded to consume my weight in calories and talk wedding cakes with the owner), one woman called - 'If you can make it up this hill you can make it to the finish line'. As you can imagine, I'm still smiling now. Because as I currently look out of my living room window I see those stragglers who are currently too tired to make it much further.

However, the roads are closed, I can't get into work, and this does mean that once I've hung out my washing, I can go into craft mode, whilst watching some appalling film I bought my other half for his birthday ;)

And I get to shop on ebay for as much wedding stuff as I can... I love spending money! It makes me feel warm and fuzzy inside!

What do we think of this as a Gothic Wedding cake idea?

Mmmmmmmm Cake...


  1. It must be really interesting having the Marathon runners right outside your front long as they don't spit of course. (Did I really think that?)
    Enjoy the rest of your weekend and I hope the film isn't as bad as you think it may be.
    Oh and happy crafting too!!

  2. lol, plenty of spitting... and oddly, loads of confetti too...

  3. Running has never appealed to me except to catch the bus! It's the stitches that do me in. Never got as far as 'The Wall' Now Ebay is right up my street. hope you had lots of fun buying. Hugs Mrs A.