Wednesday, 6 April 2011

And now - time for the spring clean!

*Hugs her neglected blog* Oh I have missed you this last week!

Whilst I will safely and certainly maintain that I love my new job, I find that the hours I work are making life hard when it comes to making good with the house work. Thus the severe lack of posting, reading and general hopping. You would not be wrong in thinking that yes I am having withdrawal symptoms, however, I can only live with so much dust and dirt. When random ornaments start moving along the shelf, carried by the creepy crawlies hidden with the disgusting particles, you know you have to do something about the state of your house!

With all that said, in all honesty, I haven't finished yet, but I just need to get away from the cosmetic stench of bleach and disinfectant. So hello world!

I have managed to squeeze in a little crafting, but all in the name of a commission here and a mothers day gift there. Photos aren't great, but there is a very valid reason for this. Yes it was raining so natural light was limited... However I was getting distracted by the pretty moving pictures on the tv. Hellooooo Mr Depp ;)

So here's 'Munch' - you've met his friends right? Sure you have, in the last post. Oh sorry, did I say friends? I meant 'snacks' ;)

Here is commission number one: as we can all tell a quick snap shot didn't do these much good, but I think I may remake and sell a few of these. And then get them stand set before another snappy.

As you can tell, my endeavours to creep away from jewellery is currently failing. However, as I run out of beads, I will not be restocking (unless the price or person is right ;) - who am I trying to kid?). This was all for a young mother who I used to work with. She didn't have a clue what to get her daughter, so simply gave me photos of jewellery she normally wears, and a couple of dresses/tops that she wanted matching colour too. Not my thing, but her daughter was over the moon. And this is what we live for - customer service right? Well that and Ben and Jerry's ice cream. 

Now, the plan is, if I just about get the bedroom into some semblance of order I should be able to start sewing by this evening...

Do you like the optimism? I thought is was good :)

...Hellooooo ice cream...


  1. Your house sounds as clean as mine! Lol!
    LOVE Munch - your stitching is so neat, you must have the patience of a saint.
    Happy cleaning :) xx

  2. I <3 (that's meant to be a heart, not less-than three) Munch!! The stitching around his big mouth is awesome! nom nom.

  3. Lol, thanks Michelle I kinda think Munch rocks too.