Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Garden but no plants

Okay so here's the deal. I couldn't find a venue I liked for my wedding so I figured I would cut the cost and just have it at my house, in the garden. However, the garden was more like a jungle and there was no way 30 odd people were gonna fit out there. In fact, it was hard enough trying to get out there to hang the washing up. So I needed to have a revamp. Now, strictly speaking I am not sure this can be called crafting, however the hard work and money that went into the garden this last weekend deserves a mention. So I have given you the before and after photos. Please bear in mind that there is a severe lack of greenery out there, but my credit card has taken all it can handle right now! Hopefully come next pay day I can adjust that minor issue.

lovely path right?

hope these make a difference

work in progress

now just for some colour!

So that was the weekend that never ended. Or at least that is how it felt. And I can't believe I have space out there now. Even if it does currently look like the surface of Mars. My neighbours won't stop being nosey and even one of my cats can't believe his eyes...

So with the hard work done, I'm gonna spend this evening blog hopping and seeing what other talented people have been up to on the Handmade Monday set up, hosted by the lovely Wendy. 


  1. Well done, I know what hard work transforming a garden is! We took on a jungle when we bought this house and I severely underestimated the amount of digging of roots I'd do!
    It's looking stylish already, am looking forward to the pics when it's completed!
    Thanks for taking part in HM x

  2. You have worked really hard and it shows! And I am sure that when you next get paid that a couple of pots with bedding plants will make all the difference. Also, and I know that this is cheeky, why not ask your neighbours if you could borrow pots from them for the big day, just a thought :)

  3. You have worked really hard, well done. The stone circle is lovely. I'm looking forward to more photo's.

    Jan x

  4. That is amazing, you didn't mention the aching muscles though! Love Ros made me suggestion, particularly if you lay the compliments on thick about wanting to show off their beautiful pots.

  5. I think its a lovely idea having your wedding at home and it looks like you've made a good start. Thanks for the lovely comment on my blog