Friday, 11 March 2011

Monsters vs Owls

So perhaps this week I haven't used my powers for good. I kept finding myself distracted by the pretty pictures on the TV. They moved, had sound, looked good... what can I say? Even the best of us can be drawn to the dark side every once in a while.

I finished pinky the monster off as you know - all for me. Don't know what photo to use yet, but I am sure I will find something fitting. Then finished off two more for a friend. Not sure what photos are going in these either, but hey... why does everything have to have a purpose? Maybe she could just stick them high on a shelf where the monsters can plot in peace.

So I have let the monsters join hands before they leave their sister, home alone - for now anyway.

By the way, just for the record, yes, I have lost the plot.

I then had a bit of a fit last night when I lost my bookmark. I have to say I am the worst person in the world for turning over the corners of a page when I put a book down for the night. Then when I come to re-read it sometime later if I fold over another page, drop the book, and try to find the page... lots of pages with bent corners. So I made myself a promise at the beginning of the year. No more corner bending. In all honesty, I have done well! I've been clean for 4 months. Until last night. And god only knows where my old used up rail ticket is ;) So what took all of 5 minutes to make - got me a new bookmark.

Yeah I know, why didn't I bother just doing that in the first place right? Because I might dye my hair black, but trust me, I have witnesses, I am a natural blonde! ;)

Then just to prove how preoccupied I have been this week...

...drum roll please...

I made a fridge magnet. WOO-HOO! I actually just got really bored and ended up with a circle that had a sticky up bit. So a made another sticky up bit. Then added some randomly cut shapes. Couldn't be bothered to 'polish' it up so it is horrendous in manner of detail - yet the more I look at him, the more he carries a certain charm. It might be the wonky eyes. So may I introduce you to Wouldn't, named in respect to the fact that I wouldn't flog him to a 3 year old. Now resident of the fridge door and protector of all that is wonky.

Well I have done some cool stuff, but I'm waiting for next week for those toxic leaks :)

I would like to quickly finish this post by sending my heart felt sympathy's to those who are currently being affected by the earthquake/tsunami in the Pacific. I hope that this time the world is a little more organised in its line of help.


  1. wouldn't is fab :) I don't see that he's wonky either :)

  2. They are gorgeous! I LOVE the owl! :D

  3. Thanks - I've let Wouldn't know he's loved! ;)

    Still stark raving bonkers then!