Tuesday, 1 March 2011

How do you keep yours?

So I have found my motivation. I forgot I put it in a box under the bed at some point a couple of weeks ago. Which would explain why I couldn't find the get up and go to get out of bed last week. Though there was a moment there when I struggled to get out of bed today. But that's okay! I carefully unwrapped the box and there it was, sitting waiting for me to pick it up like a little kitten.

So I have the motivation again.

Now though, I am stuck with the where to start problem. After a good old blog troll yesterday (and today if I'm being honest) I got hit by so many things I wanted to do. Some for myself, some to sell, some just because. And those 'just because' projects are sometimes the most fun. But I haven't got a clue where to start.

Someone once said I should have a 'creativity' line. A piece of string hung somewhere where you will see it daily and somewhere to attach new ideas and inspirations. Only problem with that is it would just add to the general mess of the house. I'm still waiting on the posting of my robotic maid from Japan. As it stands I tend to scribble things down on a pad and hope to god I don't lose it anywhere. Erm, yes I often lose them. I have often thought about scrap booking the ideas I have, but even that seems like too much hard work sometimes. Chances are I would lose that too.

So I am interested in how other crafters keep their ideas noted down. What works and what doesn't. We all know I am not the most organised person in the world, and that will never change. But then as often quoted 'It's not mess, its creativity'. So whilst I head off to start some picture frames, bead some nylon and hunt out my denim stash, I would love to know what keeps your thoughts organised. Or at least what keeps things fresh in your mind.

Helloooooo creative mess...


  1. I've not considered looking under my bed - perhaps my mojo is under there too!

    Have fun deciding what to make! Or searching for more inspiration - you can never have too much!


  2. Under my bed is like Mary Poppins bag. Just unfortunate that rather than stashing useful things, I tend to stash crap.