Monday, 30 January 2012

Chainmaille me more

I cant believe it is nearly the end of January already. It only seems like yesterday I was taking down the decorations and getting upset that I would have to wait a whole year before they could come out again. I know I am not the only one, but I really wish there were more hours in the day. Never enough time! Much speed has this month taken.

Started my new '9-5' job today. Whilst I still despise the fact that I work for 'The Man' I must say this place seems quite nice. Everyone seems friendly enough, and hey, better still, I can't lone work until I finish my probation so I get every Sunday off. Which might not seem much but that means one day in the week I don't have to listen to hubby moaning about my crafty mess! Happy Days :)

I haven't had time to take many snaps over the past week (that might be attributed to the fact I broke a halogen light for my light box and burnt tiny holes all over the carpet. Clever me). However, here are a few snaps of some of my weeks creations. Getting back into the chainmaille in a big way, seems to be the in thing right now too. Due to that I figured I needed to balance things out with some more traditional pieces too ;)

Stainless steel and black rubber jump rings

Silver coated aluminium with painted clay beads

Glass and swarovski crystal mix

Earrings to go with the Necklace above

Glass and Turquoise mixed bracelet on elastic

If, like me, you are interested in what other people have been up to over the past week pop over to 1st unique gifts and join in with the Handmade Monday crowd!


  1. I agree about time - I reckon I need about 40 hour days and 10 day weeks - but then they'd still get filled. Love the jewellery, especially the necklace with jump rings.

  2. No, no need to balance out - your chain maille looks fab! Good to be different.

  3. Gorgeous jewellery.I love the silver coated aluminium bracelet.

  4. Think we could all do with 48 hours in the day instead of 24. Love your creations

  5. Oh the drag of 9 - 5. I had almost forgotten.
    Love your chain mail and I particularly love that pendant. Elegant is the word. Ignore hubby, what do men know. lol

  6. Beautiful pieces of jewellery, especially the stainless steel and black rings, very smart. Know what you mean about needing more hours in the day - but also more pay to go with them. Hope you have a good week.

  7. Hmmmm... yes the time does go quickly but the quality of your work really does bridge the gap. Builliant job :)

  8. Really like the first necklace - just that wee bit different and something you could wear anytime. Mich x

  9. The chainmaille looks so fiddly! Gorgeous tho, and I never knew you could get rubber jump rings.
    Good luck with the job!
    This month has gone by scarily fast!


  10. Oh a new job, I hope it's fulfilling! I really do like that glass and turquoise bracelet the best, altho they are all nice.

  11. The time is just flying by, although I'm looking forward to warmer weather I don't want the year to be over almost before it's begun.
    Good luck in your 9 to 5.

    The one with the black rubber jump rings looks lovely, well done, it looks so intricate.

    Jan x

  12. Good luck with your not so new job. Your jewellery is very individual to you I think it is great to be different, like the green bracelet best.
    Jo x