Tuesday, 24 January 2012

I missed the Monday Ho-down

Wow, am I like high or what? I have 70 followers! How happy am I? I'm bouncing in my chair like a kid sucking on original blue smarties. This kicks butt! (Yes, note to readers, I am a childish 29 year old that is easily please and got grumpy when they ditched the blue smarties... just to bring them back... changed. Evil Nestle people!) So HUGE wave to my new followers!!!

Also bouncing because I was offered another job last week which means since I don't start until next Monday I am a lady of leisure this week. Happy happy Kat!!

Even the delay to my train yesterday and being stuck on the London underground didn't bother me. Well missing Handmade Monday bothered me... but hey, I can still post my makes and creations. I have new followers now that I can share it all with :)

First up we have some knitted plushies. Always fun and totally sweet. Stepping up onto the catwalk first are two little owls, dressed ready for the cold snap we may not get.

The lighter one hasn't pictured too well. Not sure Tyra Banks would think he's ready to be Craft Worlds next Knitted Model, but I think they are both super sweet. Plus... 100% child friendly. Look at insight there LOL. These guys will go to the Folksy shop since I think they need new homes. Not only that I can't justify keeping yet more cuddly toys. My hubby will be pushed out the bed with the amount I now own.

Next up we have 'Grey'. He's from the hood. Kicks back wi'd 'is brovers an' is totally not in for d' messin' dho' innit! (Understand that, you're a better person than I am!)

I love this guy. His tail, for saying he is meant to be a squirrel should be a little taller I guess, but the hat is removable so hey, swings and roundabout right? Also gonna try him on Folksy, must get more done for the craft fair in spring though.

Then there were two chicken... whose heads are just weird looking. So not the best make of the week but I felt guilty by leaving them out.

Then finally - cross stitched piccys again. The zombie is going to get its own frame and this one will sit on my stair way.  The cat is going to go on a pet food mat. I will also be doing a black and white one for my other cat.

So that pretty much covers the last weeks creations. Of course with a week off I will be doing more bits and pieces which I hope to share with you all soon enough!

Finally, just a reminder, this is the last week of the blog give away! Click the link below if you want to be in with a chance of winning some Card craft related items. Don't forget, you also get a little extra which is not advertised with the items on the blog! Card Craft Give Away.


  1. A lovely set of makes but I do love those owls - so cute!! Don't be forgetting us now you have dozens of followers! And good luck with the new job x

  2. Aww I love my Handmade Monday's so don't think you will be getting rid of me that easily Wendy :) Thanks!

  3. Amazing work - I love all of them but have to admit to having a soft spot for those chickens (gotta love the underdog - or should that be 'underchicken'??!!)

    Lovely cross-stitch too. Congratulations on your followers & job - good luck on Monday. Looking forward to hearing all about it!

    Ali x

  4. Well done on the extra followers, I've gained a couple this week and it definately makes you happy to see that other people want to read what you write. I'm loving the darker owl with the pink scarf. The squirrel is super cute too but i've no idea what he's meant to be saying, maybe i'm just not 'street' enough!
    Well done on the new job, hope it goes well. x

  5. I love your little knitteds, they are sooo cute. 70 followers. My goodness. You have done well. Now you have to start worrying about pleasing us all. lol.

  6. These are adorable you have given me some lovely inspiration! x

  7. ah - these are all lovely! xx

  8. Lovely makes. I especially like the little owls with the little scarfs.