Monday, 21 February 2011

Handmade cthulhu

Okay, so everyone is  aware of the wonderful week I had last week. The breaking down and the shaking caused by a severe lack of internet availability. Thankfully that was fixed and whilst I wouldn't say fixed in a reasonable time, fixed it was.

So I spent most of the weekend catching up on everything I had missed out on through the beginning of the week.

Which is to state I haven't been overly crafty.

However, thanks to the lovely Wendy, Handmade Monday is on again. You know the drill, hop on over and check out every ones creations for the week!

Like I said, I haven't been too productive this week. And after all the hearts and flowers of last week I needed to get back to my roots. My boyfriend and I have a love for all things Lovecraft. Since some time after my birthday last November he has been bugging me to make a Cthulhu plush for him. So whilst I couldn't deal with the thought of digging out my sewing machine and creating patterns, I did go to my over flowing bag of felt and created this little guy.

His belly is a little lumpy, but then Cthulhu, creature of pure madness and all... don't think it matters too much. Besides, the other half seems to like him!


  1. OooOoo no Internet for a week ! Did you find yourself going to the computer anyway just on the "off chance" it was all a trick and it was actually working ? thats what I found myself doing last time my router decided it would play up:-)

    I love the Cthylhu he is cute and plump :-)
    Looking forward to seeing what you are up to next week :-)

    My new blog post can be seen here
    Pop over for a cupcake :-) !

  2. Those cakes look yum. And yes, everyday I went to the comp in the vain hope... and was let down every time.

  3. ooh I used to play call of cthulhu rpg about 15 years or so ago, great little critter you have made i bet your boyfriend is made up with it.


  4. Gorgeously cute creation! Oh, and no internet for a week? Aargh!! How absolutely awful, cannot imagine how we ever managed living pre-internet!

  5. How did you manage with no internet, I am lost after 1 hour, saddo I know. Love the cthulhu he is cute, hope that is spelt right. Have a good week

  6. Aww he's a cutie.

    I remember not having internet for over 3 weeks - nightmare I had to resort to going to the library and using the free internet from there. Got some wierd looks when I burst out laughing at some of the comments on the ATC forum.

  7. Welcome back and looking forward to more ramblings!
    Felt creatures seem to be quite the in thing at the moment it seems, i love working with felt.
    You have done a grand job and i'm not suprised your OH liked it.

  8. Thankfully I didn't need to drag myself down to the library. But I was getting close.

    And I've seen loads of felties too. I have to say I love working with it, so easy to manipulate.

  9. He is sooo cute! (he is a he, right?) And no internet for a week? I remember we were without electricity for a couple of weeks after hurricane Wilma. I was fine, except for NO INTERNET. That was a hardship. :) Welcome back to the real world!

  10. He's cute lol. I can't cope without the web for 5 mins lol!!

  11. I think I would have withdrawal symptoms if I had no internet. The creature is cute in a weird kind of way. Never heard of them before, assume they are from a computer game

  12. Cthulhu is from the mind of H.P. Lovecraft, where the warped minds of geeks created a round the table role-playing game called 'Call of Cthulhu'. And as far as I can tell I guess he is a he ;) Or maybe and 'it' might be a better description? Not sure. I think that is a debate I shall take up with the boyf. at some point.

    Thanks for the wb's guys! *group hugs all* So good to be back in the real world :D

  13. He's cute and squishy - I've never heard of a Cthulhu before - but to me he looks like the love child of an Octopuss and a Bat. Very nice!

  14. LOL i resemble that remark, yup i suppose i am a geek, we used to meet up once a fortnight and played a campaign, allong with Dungeons and dragons, heros, warhammer, magic the gathering card games geeze yes i suppose i am officially a geek or was lol, havent roleplayed for over 10 years now. unless you count online games.

  15. LOL, I never thought of him like that, but yes I see the octopus bat thing!

    And of course online games count! If you ask my boyf, that is where the true geek lies ;) Welcome to the dark side Drew :D