Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Quick Sorry

It would appear as though the second month of the year is simply not my month. My internet connection went down on Monday leaving me with a limited mobile access. I can see a randomling in the future. I just want to say a heart felt thanks for all the lovely comments people have left over Handmade Monday's post. And a huge sorry for everyone I am yet to visit and check out their handmade goodies!
I will be back to the world of virtual living in the next day or two, so you can be sure I will be paying you all a visit. And hello to all my new followers :) Not ignoring anyone. I feel totally cut off from the world lol.

So again sorry to everyone and I expect lots of blog posts to read when I 'get back' :D

Hope there are no major typos here... My phone won't let me check hehehe.


  1. I would feel like I have lost a limb if I was to do without the internet ! Hope you are well and will see you back online soon! :-)

    Francesca x

  2. I was just about to write the same thing Francesca!! I'm lost if I lose the internet for 5 mins!!

  3. Cant imagine what i would do without the internet now as i am obsessed with it.
    Things can only get better! Looking forward to more random ramblings!

  4. I am the same.. no internet = no happy lol. hopefully you can use the time to do extra crafts :D x

  5. AND I'M BACK!!!! I have regrown my arms WOOOOOHOOOO

    Thank you all for your well wishes! ;)