Thursday, 10 February 2011

Randomlings: Part 1

Randomlings: otherwise known as Random Ramblings.

Part 1: because no doubt there will be a follow up or two on this. Randomlings occur often.

Follow up: when all I have going round my head is Randomlings.

Today's Randomling is about why handmade is best (it will take me some time to get there! ;) It's a Random Rambling afterall).

I am, I must confess, a complete and utter Christmas freak. Love it. No better time of year. I have already started my Christmas shopping, my decorations go up in the first week of November, my food shopping is completed two weeks prior to and from around mid August I run around like a kid on the original blue Smarties, going on about how many days and hours are left. No, I am being serious! And I know I am not alone out there. Anyway, I was online, going through the usual suspects, picking up some bargain DVD's and music ready for the end of the year, when I started to wonder what I was actually going to get my mother and sister. Now, my mum is one of those people who is close to retiring and has everything. My sister is modest and never knows what she wants, so no forth-coming ideas. As a result I was drawn the blogs and websites of those who craft for a living.

Whilst you will never, ever pull my purse away from the likes of Forbidden Planet, Play or Amazon, the decision is finally made. Unless they ask me for a microwave with the ability to make tea and coffee, or a washing machine that will hoover, they are both going to get hand crafted goods. Now this might not seem like such a big thing, however, here was my train of thought whilst looking at a lovely hand-blown wine glass set seen in the Jubilee Market in Covent Garden.

"I should buy her a jacket? No, she has 7 already. I should get her a new set of kitchen plates? No, she loves what she has already. I should buy her these wine glasses? She doesn't drink wine though. But they are lovely glasses. Reasonably priced too. She does drink gin. Could you drink gin from a wine glass? I could drink gin from any glass, but mummy dearest wouldn't. Maybe she could display them. Maybe I could ask for a custom design and then display them. Why would you display custom wine glasses? Because they are custom! Better than going to a department store and buying something that was made in a sweat shop in India and is owned by half of Blighty. But if I don't buy sweat shop made glasses those people that make them are out of a job. But if I buy them I am supporting sweat shops - stupid cow. Why would I support slave labourers. You already work for one!... These look really well made. I drink a lot of wine. Not buying for myself though. Buy these and you will be supporting a craft artist. He lovingly made these and he could make you some lovingly made custom ones... could make YOU some lovingly made custom ones... Supporting local talent. Show off their art and get friends and family to buy from the same guy... A worth while cause. Plus I drink wine, and mum has shelves..."

By the way, I need to point out, I am not an alcoholic! Just love wine... and beer... and spirits hehehe
Needless to say I purchased some wine glasses. However, these wine glasses are a lovely black with red and silver trim. And he only made 8 in that colour range. I own 4. Someone else now has 4. I guess that means we rock, because who else right now, has those glasses :)

If I had gone to that department store I would be no better than the next person without a clue. After all, where is the harm in supporting true talent and paying good money to own something that so few people have even seen!

Going off to raid your sites now... want me some Christmas prezzies!!!


  1. oooh i want to see a photo of the wine glasses they sound gorgeous!!!

  2. LOL, I will see what I can do for you. I carefully packed them away and put them under my wedding stuff... mainly so I don't bring them out by accident for the wedding and end up getting upset if one breaks. I'll have a dig around for you and see what I can do :) They are lovely!

  3. Great post :) Glad someone else has plenty of random thoughts as well as me! As you know, I bought some handmade bits as last year's prezzies and buying on the high street seems sort of cheating now!
    Hopefully people are beginning to appreciate things that are made with love and care :)

  4. Totally agree with you Jenn! And trust me, I have hours at work where I spend time just thinking rubbish... thought it was about time I inflicted the world with some ;)

  5. Great post. Am loving your ramblings!