Friday, 18 February 2011

Netaholic: Randomling 2

Hello, my name's Kat, and I'm a Netaholic!

Wow, I know my internet only went down on Monday afternoon, but that was one loooooooong week. Felt like I lost my arm. I never knew how much I needed the internet. I was shaking and everything there! The best bit is, I still get charged for not using it for a week. Our internet providers must understand that when we cannot access, you should cut the bill. Seriously! I could have made my way to one of those caves. You know, the ones with the real bad lighting and they charge you to sit at what they call a computer. It isn't actually a computer. It's more like cruelty to old chips. The 'computers' that cough and splutter, and throw up virtual word vomit on your screen from time to time. But that would be fine. An internet cafe would be great... Well would have been if they still existed. The last one I saw was just up by where my mother lives. Opens for like two hours a week and is literally out in the middle of no-where.

However, not all bad. I couldn't spend money. This, right now, my bank card is thanking me for. Plus I had some time to create some odds and sods. Things that I must post pictures of.

But is time truly a blessing? I went in search of those wine glasses I posted about in a Randomling. I think I passed out in fear at one point. All I wanted was to take snap, with my new camera (kid in a candy store still lol). But noooooo, even that was denied. I thought I had lost them, or better still I thought the boyfriend had broken them and not told me. It wasn't until I had a conversation with my mum that I realised that I had taken them to Derby so I wouldn't break them when moving things in prep for the wedding. Funny since the only other thing she has is a selection of beanie babies and a number of books. Shows where my prioritise lie right?

But most of all here is why I am a Netaholic. I have an interview to attend at 1:30pm today. Rather than getting nervous (already that so I don't need help there), or sitting not really watching tv, or catching up on some sleep (I did an over night at work last night, didn't get home to 6am and still haven't slept), I am catching up on peoples blogs and wondering what I'm going to buy next. So as you can imagine, my interview may not go too well and part of me doesn't even care. Just want to sit and surf all day.

Bad isn't it?

Oh well... could be worse. I could have lost my arm or something ;)


  1. ~^* ((((( HUGS )))) *^~
    * Welcome back *
    I cant imagine being without internet for two days never mind a week ! If I had a choice I would rather give up chocolate !

    Hope your interview went well and that you have set aside some time to abuse the underused bank card !

  2. Awwwww thanks! I was missed *bounce bounce* hehehe.

    And yes... I am about to put my credit card to the test. Even though I shouldn't. But we only live once, so why not live in excess?