Friday, 4 February 2011

Lights, Camera... er, no? It's a buyers market.

Whilst so many of us are running around doing the typical last minute job of trying to find the right Valentines gift, I now have to consider the inevitable. First and foremost, I don't do Valentines. Never have, so it is unlikely I ever will. Having been with the other half eleven years in May you would have thought by now one of us would have done something a little more romantic than a quick kiss on the cheek before running out the door for work. I think in all those years only four times have we considered and followed through with any plans. However, going to the local for a quick drink or opening a mass produced card is my worst nightmare.

Secondly there is that little factor of money. I won't be buying him that new PS3 game he is so trying to convince out of my pocket. That money will be spent on me, myself and I! I guess for so long I have tried to get away with what I have at hand. But no longer can I deal with one simple fact...

...My mobile phone takes better photos than the only remaining working camera in the house.

And when your phone is only dealing with 3 mega pixels, you know you have a problem.

I know, it's a crime against all photos. It's that age old scenario - something breaks, you have a spare, though not as good and think, 'Why spend the money? This will do'. Right?

Wrong! Perhaps on some level I am a photo snob. But without a kick ass photo of your item, even if you don't want to sell it, how is anyone ever going to see the true crafting behind it? All that hard work and your point and click Fuji, Cannon or Olympus will just miss the finer detail. No, regardless of a number of articles I have read in the past, for me the point and clicks of the world just don't do it. Sure, you want to wander the streets looking for inspiration? There, they cannot be beaten. Fit in your pocket and no one is any the wiser (apart from the pick pocket standing a couple of feet from you). But nothing can rival a picture taken by a true camera. Not even a professional. A semi-pro will do me fine. A semi-pro SLR and we are away.

So whilst for the next couple of days you run around (or maybe just scroll away), trying to find that perfect gift, I will be searching for that perfect camera, at that perfect price. After all, this recession may be bad for our businesses, but it has at least created a buyers market!

Now if only I can get a great camera with a lens in the deal. After all, who said the lens should cost more than the machine itself? Evil is afoot here ;)


  1. Hope you get a good one! I'm with you on the valentine thing though, don't do it and never will!!

  2. Me and my hubby don't do the valentines thing either. I always say to him on valentines day 'do you love?' he says 'yes' I say 'do I love you?' He says 'yes' what more do you need. Why don't you try looking on freecycle for a camera, you might be luck and get one for nothing, then you could buy accessories with the money you've saved.

  3. Thanks for that site name. Didn't have what I was looking for... but it just saved me a small fortune on something else. Never heard of it until yesterday, but freecycle is my new best friend lol.