Thursday, 3 February 2011

Doodle days

Trying to steer clear of the paints at the moment. Every time I try something I end up getting covered in one colour or another. Besides, even in the eighties where anything went, that splatter look was never a good one.

Nope, instead I have taken to picking up the pencils again. So much less mess than anything else.  

A couple of samples from my sketch pad:


  1. They are very good ! Even just as a pencil sketch I can see the third one hung on my staircase * note to self to show DH - valentines day is sooooooooooon !! *

    Great work though :-)

  2. Aw, thanks hun! Love a good doodle ;) Enjoyed drawing all of them though the second and third have much more detail. Lots of fun, hehehe.

  3. I would call that a lot more than a doodle!!!
    Absolutely fantastic work. Love them all and what detail!!