Monday, 14 February 2011

Handmade Monday

So is it just me or has everything gone heart shaped?

Heart in the road
Even going to work the other day I noticed a heart shaped oil stain. I think this is getting beyond a joke now ;)

So it's Handmade Monday again, and yes I've already started my blog hopping at

Unfortunately I haven't had time to do much in the way of crafting this last week, so I thought instead I would share a couple of photos of customer orders I completed. Whether it's because it's the year of the rabbit, or people just have a sudden fascination with rabbits, these little felties have gone like hot cakes over the past couple of weeks. 

And this I made just because I was bored, and I had a load of heart templates knocking about!

I hope everyone has a lovely day. I'm off to try and read a manual on how to use my new camera. Both excited and truly confused. But nothing new there. I wouldn't mind but the booklet is really thick... and is all in English. Why is nothing ever easy?


  1. No wonder your rabbits are popular - they are really gorgeous! So, so cute!

    Thanks for taking part in Handmade Monday gain over on my blog x

  2. Spring is coming and people must want the rabbits to feel better about this time of year, I'm sure yours take a lot less feeding and cleaning so thats another thing that will make them a lot more desireable :)

  3. Those rabbits are so cute, bet a few were for Valentines Day. Have fun working out the camera.

  4. Arrrrre Those Bunnies are just adorable, no wonder they have been popular. Thanks foe sharing them with us.
    Regards Sue.

  5. I love the rabbits!!Have fun playing with your new camera :)

  6. Oh, those are so so cute! I wish I could sew, I haven't the patience or skill. And, perhaps I could help with the camera? (probably not, but maybe?)

  7. Not suprised at all that the rabbits have sold well they are absolutely gorgeous.

  8. You should try reading the instuctions in a different language - sometimes I feel that helps ! Or just do what my DH does and chuck the manual away and have a go ! :-)

    Looking forward to seeing what your new pictures look like :-)

  9. Your rabbits are really quite - no wonder they are selling well.

    Good luck with figuring out the camera!!

    Also - thanks for visiting and following my blog - i did a little happy dance - although it took me a while to stalk you and find your blog - I recognised your avatar from the craft forum website and have been searching through the threads to find you. Or perhaps it was your plan to hide?


  10. I love the rabbits, they are adorable :)

    I nominated you for a stylish blog award x

  11. Thanks for the great comments everyone.

    And thanks for the nomination!!