Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Pop Culture

I will be the first person to put my hand up and say 'I am a fashion victim'. When you look at me (and no, I don't have any current photos ;) ) I am not your typical near 30 year old. I mean the grown up ones, which I am told there are a few. No, I dress against the norm for the area in which I live, but I dress normally for say a trip out to Camden Town or your local cemetery - which is to state, I wouldn't look amiss amongst the cast of say, Glee. I have a history of doing geeky things. Those of which have been noted by the Cthulhu critter, the fact that I get my five a day from the internet and my film and book collection is worth more than the house I live in (and currently I'm not joking). So as you can tell, I'm a woman of the world.

That is the world of Pop Culture.

I have been surfing the waves in virtual intelligence, and screening page after page of blog input. At the end of it all I am proud to say, that as crafters, the businesses we create are those that are truly inspired.

I am more than aware that I have woken up one morning, thought about what I am going to produce that day, only to find the finished product looks like it should be a Blue Peter reject, but strangely resembles some theme of the days T.V. watching. As a result I go back and tend to re-draft the item and come back with something better.

As I look closely at the things I create, whether they be beaded, felted, wooden or painted I see before me a selection of items that have all been created from the images that flood through my vision daily. And sometimes those visions come from our very own Popular Culture.

Yes, this is a randomling... So where is it going?

I was asked a question years ago - "How can you draw a business off of someone else's idea?"

Simple! I am not drawing a business off of the idea that you, or anyone else has ever had. I am drawing on the fact that that product/film/song/book/T.V. show has inspired me not to breach copy right or annoy the creator, but in fact, to celebrate in an idea that has affected my life! To create a statue of another person is seen as art, even if that person never wanted to be made immortal. What we do is create immortal ideas through the visions that are shown to us through the presence of media. This is not worship, just the creation born of imagination.

After all if there are no such things as original ideas anymore, who would you rather change them? A crafter with passion, or a Politician with poison?

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