Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Flower arrangements

So let change the pace with this piece shall we?

I find myself trying my hand at a hundred different crafts and I can safely state that I am never happy with the things I make. Not because they aren't good...just because I always want to do better. There is however some stability in all things and when my colleague asked me to post the first of many posts on flower arrangements I could hardly say no.

Now, as with any partnership she has promised to beat into me the ways of the flower worker. This in itself is daunting since I have been assured that her teaching methods may leave me wanting to scream... or cry... or both.

These were made up as part of a Traveller funeral, which I am assured are very bright and colourful. Knowing only a little about their traditions I do know that they tend to remember the good times in a persons life and celebrate the things that made that person who that were, rather than sit at a bar crying about the loss of life. So whilst looking at these pics you will be excused (as I made this mistake myself until I was corrected) that these are in fact for the life of the person lost. In all fairness... one of them you can't fault...

Feel free to leave a bit of feedback, I know my partner in crime (whom is yet to get used to the world of Blog) will be thankful for all comments.


  1. They are lovely. I have attended a Traveller funeral and you are right, they give their loved one a really good send off.

  2. I think they are all beautiful but my fave is the red rose one - well done!!

  3. I love the pastel ones but they all have their place, lovely arrangements. Traveller funerals are usually grand affairs with the horses etc and they know how to celebrate the life of the one passed.