Monday, 28 November 2011

Handmade Monday 44: let's hop to it.

Christmas is creeping closer, and my house looks messier. Seems to be the trend at the moment. I keep getting side tracked by the craft fairy that keeps knocking on my window. However, I can't be angry with her, she is after all a much more interesting fairy than the cleaning fairy. No offence little fairy people but it's true.

I have been going at it non-stop this week (crafting you filthy minded people ;) )

I have managed, after much talk and no action, to start up our Facebook Page. So I am still a little confused as to how it all works, but I figure what I don't know it I can learn. In all fairness it may take me some time - but why rush a good thing. Well, lets hope it's a good thing!

I've been printing off photos to put together a portfolio so I can start carrying that around with me. Not as much fun as starting up the Facebook page, but every little helps.

I have had a number of  custom requests come through this week for Christmas gifts, which has been a pleasant yet unexpected surprise. I have had to order some bits this weekend which means I am hanging around the door like a fly right now trying not to miss the post man.

I ordered myself I light tent... at last. I figured I need to treat myself from time to time. Anyway, my excuse it will help on those dull days when Helen and I need to take a few snaps. Sound reasoning, right?

And finally, some of the makes for the week.

Helen's son wanted something for his girlfriend to go with the watch I knocked up for him. So as well as having this charm bracelet I will do her some earrings too, and box it up like it was bought from a sweet store.

I made up a set of aqua blue and swarovski crystal earrings and pendant (that will have a chain with it once the post arrives), as well as revisiting some older designs that people have been interested in.

I knocked up a couple of bookmarks:

Helen has been back to her work desk and pulled out this autumnal feeling flower arrangement:

Then at the very last, I had another parcel from the Midlands containing some more cuteness. This time in the shape of a little frog. 

So that just about covers the last few days. But far from me to take a breather! Nope, I shall grab a cup of coffee, read up on the rest of the craft world, hope I get somewhere with this Facebook thingy, maul the postman when he comes with my packages and carry on crafting away.

Please find the time to do the same - grab a coffee (or tea) that is - and hop on over to 1st Unique Gifts to learn about what other talented and crafty people have been getting up to this week.


  1. Wow, you really have not drawn breath... the heart necklace is simply gorgeous!

  2. Thanks Ros. This is the first time I've had to put my feet up, so I guess I should enjoy right? Love being busy though!

  3. What a busy girl you've been, I love the necklace too and like you am beginning o wonder why I set up the fb page :)

  4. I really love that love heart/marshmallow charm bracelet! It's so cute :)

  5. I love the charm bracelet and had I not already got more bits for my daughter than for her two brothers put together....

  6. 'Knocked Up' Is that the modern version of 'Created' or 'Designed', lol
    Your creations are besutiful. Love the bracelet and pink necklace particularly, they have a delicate aura about them. Really like your macabre bookmark too. In fact, now I have been back and had another look I can't make up my mind as to a favorite, they are all lovely and unusual.
    P.S. Great green cuddly.

  7. An amazing week's work - well done, everything looks gorgeous.

  8. glad to hear you've been going at it all week!! Very productive obviously. The light tent is an absolute godsend, it will be worth every penny.

  9. You've been quite busy. I was a bit confused when setting up my first Facebook page and I still am in some ways.

  10. You've clearly not wasted a second. They all look great, I normally try and look for my favourite items but I really can't decide. x

  11. awwww the froggie is lovely! much love, Lucy (Moseley's Giftware) x

  12. Lovely makes Kat. I haven't gone down the Facebook & Twitter route yet - perhaps in the new year!

    Ali x

  13. Well done on getting onto Facebook - I will look you up and 'like' you! Love the love-hearts and the little froggy - so cute!

  14. You have been busy, love the 'Love Hearts' bracelet

  15. Just going over to LIKE your FB page. Took me a while to figure it all out. Thanks for commenting on bath bomb creations. lesley